Arrow Recap: Divided Loyalties

Oliver breaks more promises. Diggle sets his sights on his brother’s killer. And Roy reveals his feelings about his savior.

Previously, on Arrow, Oliver and Tommy broke up over trust issues and Oliver’s habit of murdering lowlifes. Tommy then went to work for his dad, Malcolm, which is bad because Mr. Merlyn is totes evil — think Paul Ryan with a secret arsenal of weapons. Diggle found out his brother’s killer is still alive, which made him cranky and so Oliver promised to help him find and put the assassin in the ground. Bad Boy Roy was saved from certain doom by The Hood and now totally has a crush on him. And Detestable Detective Lance was detestable.

We start off with Digg pounding Oliver hard…. Okay, so they’re sparring, but I think it’s a metaphor. Digg is all hot and bothered, wanting to find Floyd Lawton and put the hurt on him. Oliver is totally on board, but he tells Digg that Floyd is on another continent.

So, the Hood has a jurisdiction. Ain’t that a kick?

The brilliant and amazing Felicity (who remains utterly uninterested in their sweaty, shirtless hijinks) informs that that Lawton is heading for the states. Apparently Digg’s friend from last episode has set a trap for our one-eyed assassin. And Digg wants to use that as a chance to put Lawton in the ground.

But before that can happen, we need a little Awkward Moment Theater. In spite of Digg and Felicity both warning him it’s a bad idea, Oliver heads off to have a lunch date with Laurel. Our boy really does live in his own little world. He has no idea, apparently, that having lunch with Laurel may come off as poaching to Tommy, who doesn’t like him very much right now.

The real purpose of this scene, though, is to introduce us to the show’s victims. A nice, average (re: white and heterosexual) couple are suing the guy who bankrupted them. Our villainous one-percenter of the week is a Mr. Rasmus. Notice that the ones who on The List of Doom are all white men? What up with that?

Well, Rasmus sicks his pet assassin on the poor family. IMDB names him Mr. Blank. I don’t know if he has a DC analog. Maybe one of my faithful readers can tell us.

Anyway, Mr. Blank (played by Angel alum J. August Richards) kills dad and then mom and then is about to kill the boy when his spell backfires on him and his body gets destroyed for like eleven years.

Wait, no, that didn’t happen. Sorry, it’s late. But the boy does escape into the night. Instead of making it to Hogwarts, though, he winds up at Laurel’s office.

Oliver is very upset by this news. He is also shirtless in a towel, which is the more important part of the scene. I swear his abs need their own billing. They’re practically a star in their own right.

Oliver rushes to Laurel’s office and wants to help. Tommy rather coldly informs him his help is not needed or wanted. Why can’t these boys just hug it out?

Naturally, Laurel ends up taking Harry Potter home with her that night. Detestable Detective Lance insists on putting a patrol car outside her building. Because, that has worked so well in the past to keep these people from trying to kill Laurel.

Bad Boy Roy shows up at the cop shop and asks Lance if he’s dug up any information on the Hood—the usual sort of stuff, like favorite hang-outs, known aliases, if he prefers red or white roses and has he shown any interest in rough-trade boys with hearts of gold? Lance doesn’t even answer, so Roy has to swipe a police radio.

Surprising no one at all, Mr. Blank shows up at Laurel’s place and tries to finish the job. As many times as she’s been attacked there, she can forget about getting her security deposit back. Blank shoots up the place. Laurel helps by unloading a shotgun at him. I really like that they have stopped with painting her as the helpless damsel. It makes her more fun to watch.

The Hood shows up and chases Mr. Blank away. Detective Lance actually gets in a funny when he dryly comments, “I’m feeling like it might be time for you to move.”

True dat.

Lance wants her to go into protective custody, which sounds like a bad idea to me. Didn’t we establish a few episodes ago that there was someone on the take in the cop shop?

Tommy instead suggests they all camp at the Queen house. The look of pure distaste on his face is epic. He insists that the Queen house is a fortress. I wonder, though, wouldn’t the Merlyn house be equally fortified? Especially since there was a recent attempt on Malcolm’s life?

I think the real reason is so that Laurel will be near Oliver and his psycho-murdering self. I love how everyone on this show, and I mean everyone, is all “Murder is wrong! The Hood must be stopped!” until something really awful happens and then they go running to the vigilante, wanting him to save them. It’s not that it doesn’t make sense. In fact, it’s very human. But it just makes me laugh.

Lance was in no way fooled by Roy’s little innocent act. He sets up a trap, using the radio signals he knows Roy is listening to. At first, this seems like another “Lance wasting his time on petty crimes because he’s a jackass” plot. In fact, what it really is, is an effort to get Roy to see the Hood as a dangerous vigilante. So maybe I’ll let this one go.

Rasmus is fleeing the country. I have no idea why. It’s not like anyone is anywhere close to connecting him to the murders.

He sure has rotten timing, though, since his attempts to flee the country happen when Oliver has a date with Digg. And since Oliver can’t possibly follow him to China (outside his jurisdiction, remember?) he has to deal with Rasmus instead of Lawton.

For some reason, everyone is surprised that Deadshot didn’t just walk blindly into the trap they had set up for him. I really despair that on any show where the cops are not the heroes they are showed to be utterly incompetent.

Lawton kills four agents as a warning to them to not be messing with him. Digg attacks him but is beaten, which makes me sad. After months of training with Oliver, on top of his military training, I really want to see Digg kick ass.

Afterwards, he is very grumpy with Oliver. And then he says something made my little slash heart go pitter-pat.

“You chose Laurel…. Always her.”

Yep, Digg is jealous of Laurel. Which is sad, but worth at least a hundred fics. I expect to see at least a dozen by morning.

Mr. Blank shows up at the cop shop to talk to Rasmus. Well, not so much talk to as murder. He doesn’t want to give the guy a chance to rat him out. Very detail-oriented, this Mr. Blank.

At the Queen mansion, things continue to get even more awkward. Oliver is an idiot and he just can’t keep his hands off of Laurel. I really don’t know why he is so attracted, but Amell is at least doing a credible job of portraying that conflict.

Fortunately, Mr. Blank shows up before Oliver gets too handsy. They tussle and it turns out Mr. Blank has got the moves like Oliver, the moves like Oliver, the moooves like Oliver. Their battle is quite fierce and they are evenly-matched.

A handy old fireplace poker gives Oliver the edge, though. Mr. Blank ends up impaled, and not in the fun way.

Oliver tries to explain to Tommy that no matter how much he wants to make the beast with two backs with Laurel, it isn’t going to happen. Tommy is not really reassured by that. I was really expecting him to fight harder for Laurel. I have an ugly feeling that the show is taking everything away from him that makes him a good person so that Malcolm can more easily corrupt him.

Roy confesses to Thea how deeply he needs to find the Vigilante. He says, “I think our lives are linked.”

That is the sort of thing some slash fandoms only get to dream of. Move over Sterek, Olivoy is coming to town!

Thea seems to be realizing that her new boyfriend might be verging on coming out of the closet. But she is a good person, so she promises to help Roy find his hero.

We end on a sad note. Oliver’s failure with the Lawton situation causes Diggle to walk out on him. Gosh darn it! Haven’t these guys ever listened to Tanny Wynette? You stand by your man! ‘Cause, after all, he’s just a man.

Only three episodes left! Predictions? Gripes? Wish list? Sound off in the comments!