Cynthia Nixon Shares Emotional Story to Save Roe v. Wade

"Abortion is a right I feel must not go away..."

Reproductive rights are an important part of politics, especially to Cynthia Nixon. The New York gubernatorial candidate shared an emotional story earlier this week about how important it is that Roe V. Wade—the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized abortion across the country—remains intact.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for PRIDE MEDIA

Following the news of Trump appointing Brent Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court judge, concerned citizens gathered to protest and bring awareness on the possibility of Roe V. Wade being overturned, making access to reproductive health even harder to gain. At a pro-choice rally in New York City’s Union Square, Nixon shared an important personal story of her mother’s illegal abortion, while holding a wire hanger to show the crowd:

“My mother had an illegal abortion pre-1973, and it’s something that I would never want to face or want my daughter to be facing or any of her friends,” Nixon said. “Abortion is a right I feel must not go away, and I feel like people aren’t mobilizing so much because it’s so complicated and it’s difficult to understand.”

Nixon expanded on this in an article she wrote for Time in 2016:

“Women must have the right to determine whether and when to have children. That is what reproductive rights are all about. Abortion, like parenthood, is a deeply personal and sometimes complex decision for a woman, and no one can make that decision for her. Decisions about whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy or raise a child must be left to the woman and her family to determine based on their faith with the counsel of their medical provider.

“The fundamental right to abortion must be here to stay. We must never go back to the days when women like my mother were forced to put their lives at risk in order to plan their families, pursue their dreams, and chart the course of their own lives. If you care about women, families, and children, I urge you to stand up with me and make your voice heard.”

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