Ashley Judd Terrifies Conservatives With Her Awesome Political Beliefs

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, star of cinematic masterworks Double Jeopardy and Twisted, is rumored to ramping up a campaign to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Raised in Kentucky, Judd has yet to announce a final decision about challenging McConnell in the 2014 senate race, but top Kentucky Democrats are banking on it and she recently met with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Recent rounds of polling have shown McConnell to be highly unpopular and particularly vulnerable as he seeks a sixth term, though a February survey pitting McConnell against Judd showed the Republican leading the actress by nine points.

An ardent environmental, health, and human rights activist, Judd—who earned a masters in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government—would enter the race well-funded, with a household name to boot. Here’s the thing that scares conservatives: People genuinely like Ashley Judd—despite her questionable selection of movie roles.

Cue the conservative freak out from an important news source:

By getting in the race with this sort of baggage, Judd runs the risk of being portrayed as a Todd Akin-esque candidate — meaning voters simply decide she’s unqualified to serve as a senator, because her comments are so outrageous and extreme that people can’t bring themselves to vote for her.

… Okay, what else you got?

Here is a sampling of some of Judd’s most stunning comments:

– On her decision not to have kids with her husband: “It’s unconscionable to breed, with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries.”

– On her comparing mountaintop removal to the Rwandan genocide: “President Clinton has repeatedly said doing nothing during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 is the single greatest regret of the Presidency. Yet here at home, there is full blown environmental genocide and collapse happening, and we are doing nothing. Naturally, I accept that I set myself up for ridicule for using such strong terms, or perhaps outrage from human victims of slaughter.”

– On fathers giving daughters away at weddings: “To this day, a common vestige of male dominion over a woman’s reproductive status is her father ‘giving’ away her away to her husband at their wedding, and the ongoing practice of women giving up their last names in order to assume the name of their husband’s families, into which they have effectively been traded.”

– On the coal industry, which employees thousands of Kentuckians: “The era of coal plant is over, unacceptable,” she tweeted in October.

– On how Christianity “legitimizes” male power over women: “Patriarchal religions, of which Christianity is one, gives us a God that is like a man, a God presented and discussed exclusively in male imagery, which legitimizes and seals male power. It is the intention to dominate, even if the intention to dominate is nowhere visible.”

– On men: “Throughout history, men have tried to control the means of reproduction, which means trying to control woman. This president [Bush] is a modern day Attila the Hun.”

Women! pfft—Amirite? How dare a woman take a stance on reproductive rights so far as to suggest that the world doesn’t need more children; the damn orphanages aren’t even full yet!

But for serious, you guys, Ashley Judd is amazing.

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