Ask A Style Scout: Fall 2012’s Color Palette

Justin Livingston

Justin Livingston, Style Scout.

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What’s the best way to get wrinkles out of your shirt without an iron? Help please! – Tom P., Indianapolis, IN

I’m here to help! Wrinkles can be pesky – especially when you’re on limited time or you don’t own an iron. There are few wrinkle-release sprays available; however, if your budget is tight here are three free and quick steps to getting wrinkles out of your favorite pieces:
Dryer Method (Easy): Put your garment in the dryer, add a sock moistened with water and dry at medium heat for 12-15 minutes.
Hair Dryer Method (Easy): Hang your shirt on a dryer and blow dry it. Point the tip about an inch or two away from  your garment and dry until the wrinkles disappear.
Water-Slap Desperation Method (Medium): This takes a little more elbow grease and more time but it’s easy! Spritz water on the wrinkled spot and slap/pat out the wrinkle.

Let me start by saying: I’m a curvy girl. I’m big where it counts – boobs and bum. I bought this gorgeous ‘little black dress’ online from ASOS. It fits everywhere BUT my waist! Is there a proper way to get it tailored to my hourglass figure? – Carissa A., Hyde Park, NY

asos belt

Skinny belt, by ASOS

First off, I’m happy you know what parts of your body need addressing. I always tell people to dress for their ‘trophy areas’ – in your case, your assets. If you want to create an hourglass shape with your dress, I would take it to your local tailor and be specific about what you want taken in. An experienced tailor will be able to measure and pin until you’re happy with the rough silhouette.

If you’re on a tighter budget and can’t afford the tailoring, opt for a slim metallic belt to cinch the dress and give it a more wearable shape. And many stores, like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Brooks Brothers offer complimentary in-store alterations to customers within a 10-15 day purchase window.

What’s your stance on Crocs? – Bill, Jackson, MS

Unless you spend 70% of your day in a garden, you should not be wearing crocs in public. Crocs are one of the few shoe options where I put my foot down [pun intended]. You wouldn’t wear your Snuggie out, so leave the Crocs in the living room, too!

I was planning to order one or two dressier tops for the fall. What are the colors or trends I should be looking out for? – Erica S., Boston, MA

Depending on what you’re comfortable wearing, I would say go bold with your top. Bold colors and floral prints are, literally, going to be everywhere. For color, my favorite hues for fall are mustard yellow, cerulean blue, dusty rose and marine green.

fall 2012 color palette

The four best colors for fall 2012.


J. Crew cardigan.

J. Crew cardigan.

These colors are not only transitional for day-to-night looks but also will infuse your wardrobe with much-needed ‘pops’ of dynamic tones. For a classic look, pair a mustard yellow dress with a cream cardigan and navy pumps. Want to go bold? Pair dusty rose denim with a metallic gold top, black leather moto jacket and black leather sandals.

Florals are going to play a major role in bringing your outfits into trendier territory. You don’t want to look like your fourth grade teacher, so be playful with a brighter floral pattern and slim silhouette. Hit the classics with a chic floral cardigan, white tee and slouchy boyfriend denim.

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