Ask the Flying Monkey: Did the Guy From “Fright Night” Really Do Adult Films?

This week: Who was gay in The Sound of
? Who’s gay on The Arrangement?
And what’s the real truth about that Fright
actor rumor?

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Q: Settle
the question once and for all: did the 1980s actor Stephen Geoffreys (who
played Ed in Fright Night) later go on
to do gay porn under the name "Sam Ritter" (and other pseudonyms)? It’s
been suggested that it was his twin brother who acted in adult films, and not
Stephen. So do you know the truth behind the matter?
I had the hugest
crush on him back in the day; there was something about him that I found
incredibly appealing. I’ve heard he may be re-starting a mainstream career—if
that’s the case, I wish him luck. – Fred/OctoberCountry,

Stephen Geoffreys (left) in Fright Night. Inset porn star Sam Ritter. 

A: You know, I really, really wanted to be able to
give you a definitive answer, because this, along with the (false) “Richard
Gere gerbil” and “Rod Stewart’s stomach pumped” urban legends, is among the
most persistent gay-related rumors of all time.

Here’s what I can say: the overwhelming
consensus among people who’ve studied the matter is that, yup, it was him. An
entertainment reporter for USA Today even states it outright.

And many other online sources claim to have
heard Geoffreys admit it at public events. There are even a few interviews with
small periodicals that claim the actor personally ‘fessed up to it.

But of course I take all of this was a grain of
Flying Monkey-flavored salt: if I didn’t see it or hear myself, I tend to be
very, very skeptical. If I’ve learned anything in my ten years of internet
journalism, it’s that even when “everyone” says something, it doesn’t mean
anything at all – because “everyone” can ultimately be basing their belief on
the same single incorrect or poorly-researched source.

So I contacted Geoffreys through his website
(Geoffreys is indeed attempting a comeback of sorts, with roles in a number of
upcoming indie horror movies).

I acknowledged how sick he must surely be of
this topic, but I also explained who I was and how many thousands of readers I
have. I told him everything I’m saying here: that the strong consensus was that
it was he in those films. Did he want to comment on that? Did he want to
correct the record?

I never heard back from him. Make of that what
you will.

Q: Who’s gay on The
(the Logo reality show about floral designers)? Russ was
obnoxiously heterosexual, but all of the other men definitely ping my gaydar.
Except I thought I heard Eddie say something about having a wife. – Otto, Chicago,

A: Anil, Derek, and judge Eric
are gay; Russ and Eddie are straight, as are all the
women on the show.

As for the show’s
break-out hottie, Guillermo, he
doesn’t talk about being gay on the show, but he tells us: "I can say, yes, I like man, and I
have no problem with people knowing." And he clarifies that he is, in
fact, single.

Clockwise from top left: Anil, Derek, Guillermo and judge Eric Buterbaugh

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gay in
The Sound of

Q: Forgive me, but I couldn’t help but think
during the recent Oprah reunion of the cast of The Sound of Music that Nicholas Hammond, who played Friedrich,
reads a little gay. Is he? – Tyler, New York,
New York

Top: Nicholas Hammond (far left) in The Sound of Music.
Bottom: Hammond in a classic
Brady Bunch episode (left) and a more recent photo of the actor.

A: Nicholas Hammond was previously married to a
woman and now lives with a female partner.

Incidentally, in addition to his role in The Sound of Music, Hammond played Doug
Simpson, the Brady Bunch high school
hunk who tells Marcia, “Something suddenly came up!” when she gets hit on the
nose by a football. But oh, does he get his

And before you ask, neither the actor who played
Kurt (Duane Chase) nor Rolfe (Daniel
Truhitte) in The Sound of Music is
gay either, although the late actor who played Max (Richard Haydn) reportedly

My readers being the wonderful,
knowledgeable folk they are will surely have plenty more to add on gay
contributions to The Sound of Music.

Q: Dear Winged Primate: As luck would have it, one
day last week I was listening to one of my favorite new artists that had been
introduced to me through a review on AE – Jake Walden. The song that was
playing was “Bleeding Love” which he rocks as a duet with Bonnie
Somerville. Later that evening I was re-watching one of my guilty pleasure
DVDs, the Zadon/Meron 2006 movie Wedding
starring … Bonnie Somerville. My question to you all-knowing
primate is this: is it the same Bonnie Somerville? If so, how did she end
up doing such a soulful duet with Jake? And where did she get her musical
training. Based solely on this one song, it appears this lady can sing!Brian, North Hollywood,

A: They are
indeed the same person! Bonnie considers herself a singer and an actor, with
starring roles in the TV series Grosse

(2000), Kitchen Confidential (2005), and Cashmere Mafia (2009), where she played
a lesbian, and supporting roles on NYPD

and Friends (her character dated

But Bonnie,
who has a degree is musical theater from Boston College, also writes music (she
had a song on the Garden State soundtrack) and performs,
sometimes as part of Band from TV, which is a cover band made up of TV actors
like James Denton and Greg Grunberg that donates all of their
earnings to charity.

Bonnie Sommerville (left) and The Band From TV

As for the
duet, Jake and Bonnie are good friends. Bonnie suggested the song, and Jake
spent the night figuring it out on the piano.

“She came over the next day, and sat on the piano bench next to me, and we
just started to sing,” Jake tells “It was just one of those
moments. It was like our voices were meant to be together. We got to the chorus
and started singing the harmonies and it was like the male and female version
of the same voice.”

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