Ask the Flying Monkey: Is Louie Anderson Gay?

Today: Is the comedian Louie
gay? Plus, what do we know about Michael Stipe’s photographer-partner, Thomas Dozol – and why do the gays hate Ke$ha?

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Louie Anderson

Q: I was watching Louie Anderson on the Late Late Show and am curious to know if
he is gay. I just read about him being blackmailed, which had me wondering.
There is some conflicting information on the internet. — IJK

A: Back in the late 1990s, Louie Anderson was blackmailed by a man, Richard Gordon, who threatened to say that the comedian had
propositioned him for sex. Anderson, who was appearing on the family-friendly
shows Life With Louie and Family Feud at the time, paid the
man $100,000. When Gordon subsequently came back for more money, Anderson went to the
authorities, and in early 2000, the man was arrested in an undercover sting.

Anderson has since talked very
obliquely about the whole episode, not really denying that the proposition
happened, but vaguely attributing it to since-resolved problems with drugs and
alcohol. Why did he acquiesce to the blackmail in the first place? He says he
was worried about the scandal impacting his career – and in fact, the
blackmailer had specifically mentioned in a letter that his accusations would
impact Anderson’s
association with children.

certain this was an extremely traumatic event for Anderson, and I can
appreciate how he might want to put it completely behind him. I also hate to
give any power to blackmailers like Gordon.

the other hand, this is all a matter of public record and it was widely written
about at the time, so it doesn’t seem inappropriate to me to ask the obvious
question: how does Anderson self-identify? Does he have a
romantic partner in his life? As far as I could tell, he’s never said.

So I
did ask him. But he never responded. And especially in this case, it’s worth
remembering that as much I have the right to ask, he has the right not to tell.

Thomas Dozol (left) with Michael Stipe

Q: I am a big fan of indie and
alternative music and indie and indie and alternative style. I used to
think R.E.M. was too mainstream for my tastes – I
know, how picky! — but I’ve given them a try. I’ve found out with pleasure that R.E.M. lead singer,
Michael Stipe, is actually gay. I have a sudden crush on his partner, Thomas
Dozol, who’s definitely my type. Can you tell me something more about this
lovely man? — Andy, Padua, Italy

A: Thomas Dozol got a lot of attention for last year’s photography
project Entre Temps, his New York
debut, in which he captured his subject at the non-sleeping moment that he felt
they were the least unguarded and unprepared: having just emerged from a shower
(who knew Gwyneth Paltrow had so
many freckles?).

The 35-year-old Dozol is a Frenchman
who, with Stipe, now spends his time between New York,
Paris, and Athens,
What can I tell you that most people don’t know? He loves Margiela dress
shoes, and he’s a twin.


Q: Why do so many gays (AND surprisingly
lesbians) hate Ke$ha? She isn’t the only artist who uses autotune, and she
loves the gay and transgender
community. Personally, I’d rather the LGBT community hate Lady Gaga than
Kesha, but that is another topic and my own personal (long, and hateful)
opinion towards Gaga. So why all the Ke$ha hate? – Mike

A: Let’s ask the gays, shall we? Gays (and lesbians), why do you hate Ke$ha?

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