Ask The SEXpert: Questions for Conner Habib

We have a new Sexpert! The talented Mr. Conner Habib. What do we know about him? Well, he’s a writer, lecturer, gay porn star, and former college English instructor. He also runs a Rudolf Steiner spiritual science discussion group at his home in San Francisco. And because that’s not enough, he also recently finished his first play, The Contradiction, which is in rewrites for production. We’re pretty sure he’s the only person who’s ever won awards for teaching, porn performance, and writing — the true Renaissance Man. He’s currently working on a podcast series featuring discussions with leading thinkers in science, art, cultural criticism, and spirituality.

It’s true, we here at NewNowNext were sorry to see Colby Keller go, we had a lot of fun with him giving us the top ten things for two tops to do together, what to eat (and not eat) the day before anal sex and some thoughtful performance anxiety tips. Here’s one of Colby’s best efforts…I mean, the bodysuits? Stroke of genius. If you haven’t seen it (and you’re not at work), take a look. If you’d like to see more — a LOT more — Colby, head to his site, Big Shoe Diaries.


Anyway, we’re happy to report that Conner is a pal of Colby’s — want to see how they know each other? (NSFW at ALL) — and he’ll be continuing our Ask the Sexpert video series where Colby left off. In case you’re wondering, he’s a verrrry qualified sexpert. Google image search him (again, not at WORK), and you’ll see. We’re pretty sure he knows a lot more than you do. Definitely more than anyone here at the Logo offices.

Hey girl, hey

Now, as we’re getting ready to start filming Conner’s first video for NewNowNext, we need one more thing: some smart, funny or just plain stupid questions! What do you want to know that you think Conner might be able to offer advice on? He’ll take everything and weed out the sh*t. Feel free to post comments below, or on our NNN Facebook page. If you prefer a little anonymity (ahh, the interesting ones!), send them to us here at

We all look forward to getting those. Particularly Conner. He’s sitting around waiting for those tough/hard questions in the nude…as he does. Tweeting