Asos Set To Debut Clip-On Man-Buns


For all the times you’ve looked up at your hair and thought, “That looks good, but I wish it was accented with a giant, spherical conglomeration of cinched hair affixed to the back,” comes the Clip-On Man-Bun, set to imminently debut at British clothing retailer Asos.

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The website’s brief tease explains:

It is a universally acknowledged fact that men with buns are not only more attractive but also more successful. How else can you explain the wowing feats of Jared Leto, Zayn Malik and Shia LaBeouf?

If you want to up your man’s boardroom credentials and certifying him as an Adonis, we have the answer: the clip-on man-bun.

No word on when the product will be available, how much it will retail for or why on earth this is real life.


Yes, we’re aware aware that this is most likely an April Fool’s Day joke, thank you very much.