Snow Days: Alaska Answers Our Winter Wonderland Questionnaire

"You'll find me in the lodge. Lodging myself between the bar and the buffet table, that is. "

The queens of Drag Race are turning snow bunnies this week at Aspen Gay Ski Week, where they’re joining Logo for all kinds of antics—including apres ski parties, a downhill drag race, comedy cabaret and more.

Below, we asked reigning All Star Alaska to answer our Winter Wonderland Questionnaire.

Doing drag in Aspen for #GaySkiWeek @logotv #SnowDays with @katya_zamo and @fortunefeimster ❤️❤️❤️

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What’s your secret to getting warm?

Physical exercise—like stretching or jumping jacks. They heat your body up from the inside out! But if the thought of physical activity is daunting to you, try turning up the heat in your hotel room to 80+ degrees so I can walk around in my underwear.

What’s your favorite wintertime memory from childhood?
This one time, my brother and my cousins and I got in a raucous snowball fight. We got in trouble and my Aunt Debbie gave us all spankings. I was so traumatized and remember crying harder than I ever had before when we were all put down for a mandatory punishment nap.

But it’s a very vivid memory—and I got to take a nap—so now I treasure it and I regret nothing.

What’s your least favorite thing about winter now?

Driving and/or digging out a car from the snow is terrible. They should have Uber just for finding someone to shovel your car out.

On the slope or in the lodge?

You will find me in the lodge. Lodging myself between the bar and the buffet table, that is.

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If you were in the Winter Olympics what sport would you compete in?

The luge, because it’s the only sport where you get to lay on your back.

What’s the most essential piece of winter wear someone can own?

My French-Canadian grandmother always had extravagant furs. Some were fake, some were real, but they always made an impression.

If you were a snow man, what would your drag name be?

Billy Crystal Meth.

Catch all the fun next week on Logo’s “Snow Days,” airing January 22-29.

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