At Last! George Michael’s New Video “Let Her Down Easy”

George Michael Let Her Down Easy

George Michael’s PR game hasn’t been stellar for awhile, but he’s such an unforgettable and, uh, devastating vocalist that it’s easy to re-celebrate him. He’s like the male Dionne Warwick in this way. Who cares about a snarly Celebrity Apprentice stint when she sang “Walk on By,” mortals? Who cares about George Michael’s snafus when he gave you everything from “Father Figure” to “Jesus as a Child” and the ever-awesome “Outside” video? We don’t have another George Michael. When he reappears, it’s worth listening without prejudice and burning a leather jacket or two if we’re so inspired.

The new song is called  “Let Her Down Easy” and the gorgeous, circus-themed black and white video is directed by Vaughan Arnell, one of Britain’s foremost and most innovative music video directors. Interestingly it’s not one of George’s own tunes, but a track written and originally performed by Terence Trent D’Arby, another super-champion of 1988. The idea of another George Michael album is almost a shock to the brain, but we’ll get to purchase Symphonica on March 17.  Man.

So, this video: The balletic pacing and old-timey coloring gave me immediate pangs of “Constant Craving,” and the studly circus performer reminded me of that torrid toreador from Madonna’s “Take a Bow” video. That’s all fine by me. The word to describe this video is immaculate — not a shot or note or out of place. The immediacy of George’s vocal reminds me of his fantastic cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go” from his second solo album, but this track is somehow tenderer. It’s a return to form for a man with unbeatable form. So, so refreshing. Anyone else feel like their monkey’s been set free?