Attending A Gay Wedding Could Get You Fired From Catholic Schools In San Francisco


Do you remember Salvatore J. Cordileone? He’s the Archbishop of San Francisco who was arrested a few years back for drunk driving—with his mother in the passenger seat.

Cordileone isn’t exactly in sync with Frisco’s progressive values—he was a staunch supporter of Prop 8 and a headline speaker at an anti-marriage-equality rally sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage.

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Lately he’s been touting a new “purity test” for Catholic schools that threatens teachers who contradict church doctrine with immediate termination. Infractions include anything that goes against the teaching that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered.”

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As the New York Times reports, that could be as simple as attending a same-sex wedding.

Part of the focus here and elsewhere appears to be online sharing of photos and personal opinions. A number of morality clauses in other dioceses express such concerns, specifying that teachers may not post anything on Facebook or Twitter that contradicts church teachings.

Archbishop Cordileone said that teachers who crossed doctrinal lines would be dealt with “on a case-by-case basis.” Asked if a teacher could post photos on Facebook of her gay son’s wedding, he said that “if someone was upset and reported it,” then “the person with the Facebook page would have to be talked to.”

Cordileone was made Archbishop by former Pope Benedict XVI  in 2012.



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