Aussiebum Apologizes For Underwear Ad Featuring Racist Slogan

"F*ck off we're full."

Aussiebum, an Australian underwear brand popular with gay men, has been criticized for an insensitive ad campaign.

In the ad, posted earlier this week on social media, four Aussiebum models pose in front of a truck with a bumper sticker clearly reading “Fuck off we’re full,” a slogan closely identified with anti-immigration sentiment in Australia.

“Kinda weird the truck in this ad has a FUCK OFF WE’RE FULL sticker, a phrase beloved by racist Australians everywhere,” noted Adam Moussa in a tweet that went viral.

Approached for comment by Gay Star News, Aussiebum founder Sean Ashby explained that the image was shot about three years ago at a caravan park for tents and camper vehicles in Broome West Australia.

“I never picked up on the sticker’s caption,” Ashby explains. “It’s the first time it’s been brought to my attention. Like all countries we have some that are extreme in their views. I can assure you that is not our view.”


“I do apologize regardless and should have paid closer attention to the fine print details,” he continues. “It’s not in my company’s character to be racist and I put this down to an innocent oversight on my part. I’ve arranged to have this taken down. When I get back from holidays I will however update the image and replace it with a slogan that best fits my companies personality.”

The image has since been removed from Aussiebum’s social media pages.

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