“Avengers” Voted Most Overrated Film of 2012: What’s Your Pick?

I hate superhero movies of every damn stripe, so I’m tickled to learn that LA Times readers overwhelmingly voted The Avengers the most overrated film of 2012. A whopping 85% picked the ensemble caper while Ridley Scott’s Prometheus clocked in at a distant second with 5%. Well! I guess that settles that.

Or does it? When I think about the most overrated films of 2012, here’s what I come up with:

1. Silver Linings Playbook: Said this before, but it should call itself Mental Illness Vaudeville

2. Magic Mike: I love the boys, but that drippy storyline and the completely bizarre casting of Cody Horn were dealbreakers. 

3. Skyfall: It’s every James Bond ever, except with a boring theme and a Home Alone conceit thrown in. 

And here are some of my Hall of Fame overrated picks:

The Blair Witch Project: Unforgettably stupid. I will never forget the INSANE, slobbery Time magazine write-up about it. 

-The Blues Brothers: John Belushi, you’re still dead to me. And everyone.

The Artist: Just not special in any way, other than the inspired dog performance.

The Princess Bride: Every quote from this movie is unfunny.

-West Side Story: Rita and George kill it, but otherwise this movie is drab and interminable. Thank God Natalie Wood rebounded with one of my favorite performances ever in Splendor in the Grass, because she was unforgivable here. My alltime “overrated” pick.

Your picks. Slay me.