Axe Asks, “Is It Okay To Experiment With Other Guys?” In New Ad

The body spray brand believes masculinity comes in many different scents.

Axe is no longer just for straight male teens who want to become chick magnets.

As part of its Find Your Magic Initiative, the men’s body spray fragrance brand has released a new campaign video, “Is It Ok For Guys?,” based on a recent study showing that “72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave.”


The masculinity-redefining initiative is an extension of last year’s LGBT-inclusive Find Your Magic campaign, which also focused on masculinity’s many different variations.

Axe has partnered with the non-profits Promundo, Representation Project, and Ditch the Label to better understand and address the issues that young men face while trying to live their most authentic lives.


The new video, which shows some bullying, asks if it’s okay for guys to wear pink, not like sports, or experiment with other guys, among other commonly Google-searched queries.

In other words, the ad sums up, “Is it okay for guys to be themselves?”

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