Axe’s Australian Brand Lynx Features Same-Sex Kiss In Commercial: WATCH


A new Australian TV ad for Lynx, the hair and grooming product line we know as Axe in the U.S., features a two men kissing and may mark the first time the Axe/Lynx family of products has featured a same-sex relationship in advertising.

The kiss comes about 30 seconds in to the ad below, while the narrator reads a list of “amazing” things you can do after using Lynx hair products.

“Now can be amazing. Go out. See amazing things. Get an amazing job. Kiss the hottest girl. Or the hottest boy,” he says.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.59.02 PM

But the kiss may be not be a direct grab for the LGBT market, as Pink News points out. Throughout the ad, the narrator also says “one day you’ll have a life, a wife and possibly kids,” and that the product “cannot prevent hair loss or make you more attractive to the opposite sex.”

In the U.S., Axe commercials have never featured a same-sex couple and use the company slogan “the axe effect,” illustrated as some kind of sexual trance women fall under whenever you spray Axe body spray.

“Axe gives guys confidence when it comes to getting the girl,” the Unilever website states. “As devoted users know, women can’t resist anyone wearing those great fragrances!”

Check out the commercial for Lynx below:

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