Azealia Banks Gets Into Twitter Beef With Lily Allen, Amanda Bynes Jumps In

Azealia-Banks-Yung-Rapunxel-608x608Meow! The gloves came off recently when Azealia Banks fired away at Lily Allen on Twitter after Allen allegedly made a negative comment about the volatile hip-hopper—more than a year ago:

We have to believe Allen was taking the piss, but after a fan made Banks aware of the slight, she tweeted back:

Thankfully Allen decided not to take the high road and this war of words escalated into an all-out Twitter war. See how classy they kept it:

There was also a bonus tweet from Amanda Bynes who tried to get in on the action by replying to one of Bank’s:

@AZEALIABANKS get cancer, ugly whore

— Amanda Bynes (@SHATEISH21) July 13, 2013

Overall we’d say Allen KO’d Banks with sassier tweets. But then there is this photo (which is a little too NSFW for us to post here)

We kind of wish Allen had just sung our favorite tune of hers: