B-Girl Be: Minneapolis Celebrates Women in Hip-Hop


Apparently Minneapolis is the place to be if you’re a female in the hip-hop community.  If you don’t live in Minneapolis but have mad breaking skills, you best get in your car and drive, now, because this weekend is the third annual B-Girl Be Summit.  Four days of performances, fashion, films, workshops, and panels that all celebrate and support women in hip-hop.

The four major elements of MCing, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti are definitely represented but one gets the feeling that there’s going to be much much more going on (like awesome dance parties!)  Additionally, the summit is just the opening weekend for an exhibition that goes on through September. 


Two beautiful women of B-Girl Be: Medusa and DJ aJent Orange.

Find out what’s queer about B-Girl Be after the jump.

A few of the scheduled events at B-Girl Be that piqued my interest:

A live creation of a graffiti mural accompanied by a DJ set.

A Medusa MC workshop (hello! Medusa is so awesome!)

B-Girl Knowledge Drop!
Sistaz in Rhyme performance (w/ Bahamadia – also amazing!)

The queers will, of course, be well represented at this inclusive event.  Lavender Magazine has a nice piece on out artists Ashley Gold, DJ aJent Orange and B-Girl Seoul.  And I can only assume White Lesbian Rapper is, well, a lesbian.  Also one of the girls Black Blondie sports a classic I heart Girls shirt.  Mainly it’s just nice to know that things like this exist.  Spaces for creative empowerment are still important in this day and age. 


B-Girl Seoul (from Lavender Magazine) and Bahamadia.