The Babadook Is Your New Gay Mascot For Pride 2017

"The B in LGBT stands for Babadook. Everyone knows this."

Gays love their icons like Bette, Liza, Judy, Gaga, Cher and… the Babadook?

Yes, the terrifying creature from the 2014 Australian horror flick The Babadook is now an LGBT icon—if you listen to what people on Tumblr and Twitter have to say.

babadook tumblr

According to Mashable, rumors of the Babadook’s sexuality began last summer when some Netflix users reported seeing the film categorized as an LGBT movie on Netflix.

Now there’s no evidence in the movie to support that the Babadook is gay and that the categorization was just a glitch but he did create his own pop-up book. Dramatic, much?

babadook gay

And to be honest we’ve seen far scarier things than the Babadook on Grindr.

Scroll through below to see the best tweets and Tumblr posts supporting the theory that the charcoal creature is the LGBT mascot we need to pop out of the closet this Pride.

babadook tumblr2
babadook 3
fire island babadook

There are even Babadook drag queens! What more evidence do you need?

Grab your top hat and we’ll see you at Pride, girl!

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