“Bad Girls Club: Miami” Recap: “Two Seconds of Fame”


What already seems different Bad Girls Season 11 is that immediately after a brutal fight, the ladies apologize and hug each other. Does this indicate a sea change in the hearts of the bad girls? Or are these just temporary truces, the calm before the next shitstorm?

Let’s find out as we recap this week’s shadiest moments:




Milyn vs The House: Our pretty pugilist Milyn is already making herself out to be the chipmunk-giggling satanist of the season. A creature of pure evil, Milyn is already strategizing how best to instigate fights between her roommate—but without being labelled an instigator. (Later in the episode, while Gina and Sarah fight, you can spot Milyn mouthing the words “Dance puppets, dance!” because she is an actual villain from a Disney cartoon.)

Sarah Vs Gina (The New Girl): “I think she’s trying to get her, like, two seconds of fame,” said Sarah, the bootylicious blonde, without a drop of irony, as she slurped down shots at a gay bar. And what exactly are you doing, Miss Thang?

The Whole House Vs Gina: It has become BGC tradition to haze replacement girls, as if the day-old group had bonded or something. This week, the list of cruelties endured by Gina include: being forced to do shots, being spied upon in the confessional and being locked in a phone room twice.

Ray J vs My Soul: I thought we were done with this loser. I thought we left him behind with the All-Stars season. I thought he refused to party with the girls for fear of ruining his sterling reputation. But then this trash person slinks his way back in front of the Oxygen cameras to give his phone number to Sarah. Luckily, the club was so loud his words only existed as subtitles—because if I had to hear him speak again, my brain would have dripped out of my ears.

The Cameramen vs Sarah: At one point Sarah is talking, as is she is wont to do. But rather than focusing on her face, the camera drops down and zooms in on her ass. For a full five seconds. That might not sound like a long time but five full seconds of dat ass is a lot to handle.

Shade countdown bonus points to: Teresa, for continuing to wear perfect outfits in every scene while still not give a fuck about anyone or anything.

Indulge you inner sadist with more shade recaps next week!

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