Barbra Streisand Releases LGBTQ Anthem in Protest of Trump

"We are alike. We all want peace and happiness and family and love and understanding."

Barbra Streisand has released an LGBTQ anthem that doubles as a statement against President Trump.

The legendary singer’s latest album, Walls, takes on the strange times we are living in and includes plenty of shots at the current administration, including the title track. The song “Love’s Never Wrong” is a pro-LGBTQ statement made at a time when the community is under attack from our federal government.

barbra streisand walls
Barbra Streisand/Columbia Records

“He’s trying to divide our nation and the world. That’s what’s so scary,” Streisand told Macleans.

“Diversity is proven to be our strength. To say people are how they are because of how they were born—it’s that thinking that is wrong. I believe different shouldn’t be judged by any other kind of meter. Statistically, in terms of genome studies, people have 99.9 per cent of the same genetics. We are alike. We all want peace and happiness and family and love and understanding.”

“No one can tell what’s right for you/Or how two hearts can be as one/All what you need/What you’ve done to come this far/But here we are,” she sings on the track.

“Yes love’s always right/Love always knows the way/When some are just too blind to see the light/You know what’s true/Be true to you/’Cause love’s never wrong.”

Streisand dedicated the album, her thirty-sixth, to “the millions of young people in the United States and around the world who have found their collective voice and are demanding to be heard.”

“They are more interested in building bridges than walls. They are the very definition of hope.”

Listen to “Love’s Never Wrong” below.


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