Freddie Highmore Hooked Up With A Guy In Latest “Bates Motel” Episode


The story of Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) and his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) is coming to a close with the fifth and final season of A&E’s Emmy-nominated Bates Motel—but the series isn’t ending without some twisted surprises.

bates motel mother

Not only has this season introduced us to Marion Crane, the character from Psycho—this time with Rihanna taking over the role originated by Janet Leigh—but now with Norma dead, Norman has gone full-on Psycho. Which means he has started dressing up as his mother and is now even hooking up with guys in imaginary dead mother drag.

On last night’s episode Norman goes to the local White Horse Bar and picks up a guy—only believing he is Norma the entire time.

norman bates motel gay kiss
norman bates motel gay kiss 2

“The guy [at the bar] was cute. She’s [Norman as Norma] attracted to him, and they end up in a car… It came from a really human place,” executive producer Kerry Ehrin told TV Line. “Clearly, Norman’s sexuality is all over the place. It’s not super defined. It made sense to us that this would’ve happened with him — many times, probably.”

Yes, that means that even though this is the first time viewers have seen Norma/n on the prowl, he’s been doing it since Norma died.

“We don’t define it. But we suggest that this is kind of what’s been happening in the couple of years that have passed since Norma has died,” added Ehrin.

Who knew that Norma would be such a good wing woman for her son? Hopefully there will be more guy-on-guy lip locks before the series finale.

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Make sure to catch the final episodes of Bates Motel, Mondays on A&E.

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