NSFW: Batman Goes Full Frontal in DC’s New Comic for Mature Readers

Holy Dick Grayson!

The Dark Knight rises, indeed!

DC Comics has launched a new imprint called Black Label, which according to Comic Book Resources, “will feature major superheroes from their pantheon in more adult situations, all taking place outside the main DC continuity.”

Batman is the focus of the inaugural issue of the new imprint in Batman: Damned, and the comics publisher holds nothing back as they show Bruce Wayne stripping out of his spandex and going fully naked in the Bat Cave.

Yes, you get a glimpse of his batcheeks, but you also get a—albeit shadowy—view of what Bruce is packin’ under that utility belt. We’ve never been so jealous of Catwoman! Or Robin?

According to Polygon, the new comic is “a supernaturally-tinged story about what happens to Batman after the Joker dies, featuring guest appearances by John Constantine and Deadman.”


Speaking of the Joker, we are surprised that he never got around to leaking Batman’s nudes for all of Gotham to see. If Batman: Damned keeps this up we would gladly fill in for Alfred every once in awhile to pick up after Master Bruce.

We haven’t been this excited by the Caped Crusader since they debuted bat nipples in 1997’s Batman & Robin.

Batman: Damned #1 is in stores now.

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