Batwoman Gets The ‘MAD’ Treatment: Exclusive First Look

Artist: Rick Tulka

Artist: Rick Tulka

Batwoman is having quite the month! First she proposes to her gal pal Maggie Sawyer in “Batwoman #17,” and now our flying friend Kathy Kane has landed her very own cover of MAD. Not too shabby.

Batwoman will be one of many DC Comics favorites to feature a MAD variant cover, this one debuting in the April 17 issue, “Batwoman #19.” Ms. Kane will of course accompanied by the forever young, and forever gap-toothed, Alfred E. Neuman on the cover.

We are lucky enough to have a first look at the Batwoman cover above, done by Rick Tulka, so take a look and be sure to grab “Batowman #19” when it hits newsstands.

Now the question is, who is going to score Maggie and Kathy’s wedding pics?

Batwoman & Her Girlfriend Are Getting Married … Maybe