Lady Lovers: Batwoman & Sune Get Frisky In ‘Batwoman #10’

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Batwoman seems to have gotten herself into quite the lesbian pickle in Batwoman #10, sharing a steamy kiss with Sune before calling off the woman she once referred to as an “entitled musician.” It seems our dear friend Kate Kane still loves her some Maggie more than anyone else in the world, news that is not sitting well with the smitten Sune. Not sitting well at all.

Sune, as we can see, decides to deal with her pain by causing some pain of her own. Some murderous pain. “If I can’t have your heart I will take anothers,” she announces to Batwoman. Oh dear…

So now it seems we have the personal life and the professional life really colliding for Ms. Kane, just when she was getting things back on track with Maggie. What is going to happen now?

Batwoman #10 will be released this Wednesday, June 20, and it looks like we may finally learn — who exactly is Sune? And how can Batwoman keep her sh*t together?

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