Turns Out Zac Efron Has A Thing for Speedos


In the new Baywatch movie, Zac Efron has some screen time in an American flag Speedo—which might be uncomfortable for some actors, but Efron reveals he actually prefers them to board shorts when it comes to swimsuit options.

In an exclusive new interview with Logo, the cast of Baywatch sat down for a round of rapid fire questions about everything fun in the sun—and some of the answers will surprise you.

zac efron baywatch

Efron picks Speedos but what about his co-star Alexandra Daddario? Do the actors prefer one-piece over two-piece swimsuits for women? And for getting that summer glow do they go for spray tans or the real deal?

In a separate conversation, Logo’s Matthew Breen spoke with Baywatch’s villainess, played by Priyanka Chopra, who reveals how her love of the original series gave her a false vision of what America is really like.

“I really did believe that America did look like that. There were beaches everywhere, everyone was blonde and everyone had perfect bodies,” Chopra says in the video.

When she landed in New York at the age of 12 she sadly learned that was not the case.

Don’t worry, we wish we lived in a Baywatch America too.

Baywatch surfs into theaters May 26.

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