Idina Menzel Covers “Wind Beneath My Wings” In New “Beaches” Trailer

Better grab those tissues!

The first actual footage from Lifetime’s upcoming Beaches remake is finally here and get ready for plenty of waterworks in the TV movie version of the 1988 tearjerker.

idina beaches trailer 2

Hear Idina Menzel (as C.C., originally played by Bette Midler) cover the classic Grammy-winning song “Wind Beneath My Wings” as scenes from the remake remind you to stock up on Kleenex before the premiere.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the 1988 film (sacrilege!) here’s the synopsis:

Like the 1988 original, the remake follows C.C. (Menzel) and Hillary (Nia Long) over several decades, including the former’s stage success and the latter’s tragic illness. Despite coming from different backgrounds, C.C., a budding singer, and Hillary, the daughter of a civil rights lawyer, strike up a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Watch the trailer below.

Beaches premieres January 21 on Lifetime.

h/t: EW

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