Shirtless Violinist Puts Gay Spin On “Beauty And The Beast” Theme

"A tale as old as time..."

Matthew Olson aka the Shirtless Violinist has put a special gay twist on the Beauty and the Beast theme song with the help of his boyfriend, Paul Castle.

In the video, Olson is seen performing in an empty ball room when he catches the eye of Bello (Castle). Unsure if the strapping violinist is into men, Bello decides he should dress in drag as a beautiful princess to woo him.

After dancing with him for a few moments, Bello leaves and comes back dressed as himself, hoping Olson will still like him. To his surprise, the violinist is perfectly happy with him just the way he is.

“When I first had the idea to cover ‘Beauty and the Beast’, I wanted to keep the video fairly simple,” Olson writes in the video description. I envisioned myself (transformed as the Beast) with a beautiful dancer floating around me in a ballroom. No frills, no story, just a pretty song and some sweeping camera movements. But when the ’gay controversy’ erupted over the new live action version of the film, it sparked another idea: What if, instead of a ballroom dancer, I asked a drag queen to perform with me?”

The result is something truly beautiful.

h/t: Washington Blade

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