Beefcake Bonanza! Three Seasons Of Shirtless Eddie McClintock

Syfy’s Warehouse 13 has become a favorite around these parts, thanks to its fun spirit, the addition of Aaron Ashmore as gay Warehouse Agent Steve Jinks, and the fact that the creative forces behind the show (such as Drew Greenberg, one of the exec. producers and the writer of Steve’s coming out episode) have given us shoutouts.

But we’re not ashamed to admit that one of the main reasons we keep becoming back is for the chance to see Eddie McClintock in all of his shirtless glory.

Who knew that being a government agent tasked with tracking down cursed artifacts would require so much ab exposure?

The two-hour Season Finale airs on Monday, October 3rd, which unfortunately means the show is preempted this week. It makes the perfect time, though, to pay tribute to Eddie and his willingness to de-shirt.

So we present this chronological pectoral pictorial, starting with Episode One of Season One. Enjoy the beefcake, and let’s say a prayer that Eddie always finds a way to shake his ratings-maker.

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