Behind the Scenes of Rihanna’s 777 Tour with Logo and #CardboardRuPaul

Rihanna 777 Tour Image

I’ve been selected as one of a few dozen folks to follow hair color enthusiast, Rihanna on her 777 Tour to promote her new album, Unapologetic, on a Boeing 777. It’s 7 days, 7 countries and 7 concerts in super secret venues starting with Mexico City tomorrow. Follow along here for the stream of consciousness, sleep deprived, possibly hungover and wacky daily updates.

Plus, keep an eye out for #CardboardRuPaul in 7 different countries for her own Ruhanna Tour.

#CardboardRuPaul is going on Rihanna's 777 Tour

#CardboardRuPaul fits in my suitcase!

This whirlwind hasn’t even started and so far I’ve had my iPhone stolen in Los Angeles… and no… I’m not drunk yet! What a day. (Full Disclosure: it was Logo’s phone, and as I write this post, I’m on hold with LAPD.)

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Here’s the first video with Ru at LAX getting ready to kick off the around the world journey.


You may have seen Shawn Hollenbach’s work on the Logo and RuPaul’s Drag Race twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and yes, even Google+ accounts. He also would do anything in the world to see a real live unicorn.