The Belfie Stick Makes Us Lose Our Faith In Humanity


As if our society’s obsession with social media wasn’t insane enough, there’s a new product for when you want to post a selfie of a, shall we say, a hard to reach place:  The Bluetooth-enabled Belfie Stick helps you take crystal-clear photos of your backside—and it’s selling out.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.45.28 PM

Just a fairly standard stick with an adjustable “elbow,” the device already has a legion of followers, according to its website anyway. In a testimonial, Marcos from Miami writes: ““I got my squat game down on lock shooting belfies every day to check up on my progress! I am so totally in love with this product, my girlfriend agrees it’s totally bad ass!”

Ellen from Lansing puts it more simply:”Belfiestick rulez!!!”

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Alas, the Belfie is out of stock right now, but is expected to returning this year. In the meantime maybe work on those squats?