Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill Compare Size In The Bedroom: “That’s When We Slept Together!”

They're just workout buddies, Lois.

Batman and Superman revealed to be more than Super Friends on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show.

The U.K. talk show host had Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams on his season premiere to discuss their latest movie, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Since the actors are talking about playing superheroes it doesn’t take long for the interview to turn to muscles and spandex.

After Norton tells Affleck that he is in “incredible shape” in the movie, Affleck describes how Cavill made him step up his workout game and that they hit the gym together during filming. “We worked out together every day, and I hated every minute of it,” said Affleck. “And I was glad when it was over.”

“There must be a moment when you finally get on set together when you must be kind of like, ’his arms aren’t that big…'” said Norton. Affleck responded: “No, that was when we slept together.”

Of course it was all a joke, but after the audience stopped laughing Norton followed up with the two words we were all secretly hoping for: “Deleted Scenes.”

Watch the interview below:

h/t: Attitude

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