Ben Carson Says Muslims Can’t Be President, Brie Larson To Play Billie Jean King, Taran Killam To Play Donald Trump: MEME

Catholic Church may have blessings for gay couples, U.S. military won't let Chelsea Manning grow her hair, plan to make Stonewall national park

Roadside Attractions
The Dallas Voice has an extensive piece on Stonewall, and they think that people who have prejudged it are wrong. “Stonewall’s cast is diverse ethnically and in sexual/gender identities (including “scare queens,” feminine males who couldn’t afford proper drag get-ups yet wore eyeliner and whatever else they could cobble together) and Emmerich and his team decided to include many characters drawn directly from history including black drag activist Martha P. Johnson, played by Nigerian-American actor Otojo Abit. Ray/Ramona is a composite of Puerto Ricans Silvia Rivera (a drag queen and transgender activist) and Ray Castro; and Cong, portrayed by (Vlad) Alexis.”

Roland Emmerich insisted that all the riot extras were LGBT. “Montreal has a big gay population, and I insisted that everyone who is part of this riot has to be gay, and there was some real anger there. For two or three days they were pumped. A couple of times we said ‘stop’ with a megaphone and it took a while to stop them.”

Alabama Probate Judge Nick Williams wants to be the next Kim Davis, obviously not realizing she’s not getting rich like most bigots. He’s filed an for an order of protection from the Alabama Supreme Court to not have to issue marriage licenses. “The jailing of Kentucky clerk Kimberly B. Davis put at immediate risk the liberty interest of all faithful and religiously sincere public officials in Alabama whose office has responsibility for making decisions as to whether to give sanction and honor to homosexual relationships to include the issuance of a license to engage in sodomy.” I hate to tell you, but I don’t need a license to engage in sodomy. I can do it anywhere. And I probably have.

Pope Francis
As I report this, I want to be clear that I don’t believe it for a moment, but the Daily Mail says that at the Family Synod next month, a move will be made to create a blessing for same-sex couples by the Catholic Church. It’s being billed as part of a pastoral service, and will not be treating the relationships as equal to marriage but basically will be acknowledging that they exist.

We’ve always heard that Disney goes out of their way to say that Gay Days isn’t an official event, and Gay Days Anaheim promoter Eddie Shapiro says that’s true. And false. “They are both very involved and not at all. On the one hand, all of the programming decisions are done by me, but on the other, I couldn’t make most of them work without Disney’s facilitation. They are very cooperative as long as we stay respectful of their mission, which is to provide a great Gay Days experience while at the same time not disrupting the resort for the non-Gay Days guests. That doesn’t mean that we have to “tone it down” or anything, but it does mean that we don’t own the park. We all wear our red shirts, but we don’t walk down Main Street chanting or anything.” He also notes that Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings will have a booth in the Welcome Center, marketing same-sex weddings in the parks.

Chelsea Manning
The U.S. Military has denied Chelsea Manning’s request to grow her hair out as part of her treatment for gender dysphoria. The ACLU says that they plan to sue.

Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson says that while there shouldn’t be a litmus test for religion to be president, he doesn’t think there should be a Muslim president. “I guess it depends on what that ‘that faith is. If it’s inconsistent with the values and principles of America then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America and consistent with the Constitution, then no problem….I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” Proving again that freedom of religion only applies to Christians when a Republican speaks. Do any of our older readers remember when there was an uproar about John F. Kennedy running for president because he was a Catholic?

Can you guess the celebrity from the VPL? I only got 5 of 10 right.

Michael Nutter
Philadelphia Mayor Nutter plans to raise the issue of LGBT rights within the Catholic church to Pope Francis during his visit to the city. “We encourage ending the systematic and institutionalized discrimination against LGBT people through the message of love, hope, and acceptance. For the many LGBT individuals who seek the Lord and have good will, we ask that you end judgment of these individuals by those within the church through teaching and pastoral practice currently in place.” I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nutter, and this is the type of thing he believes deeply in and and isn’t afraid to fight for.

A campaign has been launched by U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) along with activist Martha SHelley to have a national park designation to honor Stonewall. A national park can be created by Congress or by the President under the Monuments Act, but only if the federal government owns the land, so the plan is to convince New York City to turn over Christopher Park to the federal government.

Booster Gold
DC Comics
You know how the DC Cinematic Universe is so dark and bleak? There may be a cure on the horizon, because the rumor is that Greg Berlanti, bringer of light via The Flash and Supergirl, wants to direct a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie. There’s basically no possible way to make a dark and brooding Booster Gold movie, and there’s basically no way for DC Comics to say no to Greg Berlanti.

The Eighth Circuit of Appeals has ruled that the Affordable Care Act’s clause that requires religiously affiliated organizations to provide contraceptive care even though they don’t pay for it violates their religious freedom. There’s now a circuit split on the issue, which will send it to the Supreme Court, which could use Hobby Lobby to make a bad decision. This could extend to things like PrEP and HIV care if left unchecked.

Brie Larson
Brie Larson is set to replace Emma Watson playing Billie Jean King in the Battle of the Sexes movie opposite Steve Carrell.

Taram Killam
Taran Killam has won the right to play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live after a series of auditions. Evidently it was a much sought after role, probably because of the enormous amount of screen time it will bring. It’s not hard to imagine every cold open each week being about Trump.

Demand for the expensive iPhone is so strong that some Chinese citizens have been contacting the black market to sell a kidney to get the new device. An innovative hospital is instead advertising for them to sell sperm instead. Still sounds more fair than the NEXT plan AT&T forced me to take.

In an attempt to spur conversation around PrEP, posters have appeared around Melbourne stating “You can fuck raw. PrEP works – no more HIV” The group behind the campaign, SEEITCLEARLY2020, says “Our current poster campaign is designed to shock, it is designed to start a conversation and it has been implemented across Melbourne because of the lack of education and the lack of awareness by existing public health authorities. So we are taking it into our own hands, and we are talking about bareback sex when no other group will.” While I don’t advocate that, it does seem to have gotten everyone’s attention.

The three defendants in the Philly hate crime beating that captured everyone’s attention last year are expected to take a plea deal. No details have been made public but the district attorney’s office says “I do expect them to plead guilty.” If you recall, one was the daughter of a suburban police chief who liked to brag online that her father let her get away with anything.

David Pocock
The 43 Most Important Pairs of thighs in rugby.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez has announced a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas that starts January 20, and will be called All I Have. She made the announcement at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

There are very few occasions that I will encourage people to listen to bagpipes. But this is one of them. When a preacher was spewing anti-gay hate in the village of St. Andrews, the best remedy was for a bagpiper to come and drown him out, at least until the police arrived to deal with him more permanently.

Pixar movies are amazing, you laugh, you learn, you are definitely going to cry. But just how are they so good at making you cry? That comes down to the folks at the Pixar SadLab, where they study people’s reactions to sad things, and how to make them sadder. Because you never know how good a laugh can feel until you’ve been sobbing uncontrollably about a miscarriage and a death in the first ten minutes of a children’s cartoon.

Aydian Dowling sat down to talk about the challenges of dating in the trans community. As if dating wasn’t already hard enough, here you have to worry about a whole host of new issues that I’d never even think about.

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