Ben Whishaw Doesn’t Understand Uproar About Matt Damon, Jack Black Reveals He Lost Brother To AIDS: MEME

Matthew Daddario says Malec fans will love "Shadowhunters," Jessica Jones gender flips major character and makes her a lesbian, ice cream is unicorn poop

Jack Black
Jack Black has revealed that he lost his big brother to AIDS. “I have two gay siblings: my big sister, Rachel, and my big brother, Howard. He was a big influence on me. He took me to my first rock concert. I was 11; he was 23. He was so vibrant, creative, amazing. He shaped my taste in music. [Death] didn’t happen quickly. We all saw the deterioration. He was only 31. So very young. We were robbed of something precious. It was devastating. It was hard for all of us, but it was hardest for my mom when we lost Howard. She’s never really recovered.”

Carrie Anne Moss
One big change in Jessica Jones from the comics to the television show is that Carrie Anne Moss is playing attorney Jeryn Hogarth, which is a gender flip on the comics. Hogarth’s character is also gay, which I hope wasn’t just added to create unrequited sexual tension for the male comics fans. On the other hand, Yay! for more strong women in genre shows.

The weekend box office will be taken by The Martian again, with $36 million. Pan is bombing hard, with around $17 million on a $150 million budget, and will take third place behind Hotel Transylvania 2.

Matthew Daddario Harry Shum, Jr.
At the Shadowhunters panel at NYCC, Matthew Daddario says that fans of Malec, the pairing of his character Alec and Harry Shum, Jr’s Magnus are going to be pleased. “He’s very conflicted. If you’re a fan of ‘Malec,’ you might be happy.” He says their progression is a “surprise.”

Rather than comply with new rules in India that require that divorced and single people be allowed to adopt, The Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Theresa, have ceased providing adoption services. Not only do they object to divorced people adopting, “The new guidelines hurt our conscience. They are certainly not for religious people like us. … What if the single parent who we give our baby [to] turns out to be gay or lesbian? What security or moral upbringing will these children get? Our rules only allow married couples to adopt.” India has 20 million orphans seeking homes.

Ben Whishaw
Ben Whishaw is baffled by the debate around Matt Damon’s comments about actors keeping their sexuality to themselves. “The Matt Damon thing, it has probably been taken out of context but I don’t understand the heat around it. It feels like a story that’s trying to be drummed up, even though there are more important things we should be talking about. With gay characters being played by straight people, straight characters being played by gay people… come on, we’re actors! I do not understand what the problem is. Actors play all sorts of things. I’ve played murderers, journalists and kings – I’m not any of them. The whole thing is a fiction, it’s about imagination, it’s play. I am baffled to why it’s such a big thing. And also, I’m baffled because it feels like we’re in a time where there are lots of gay people, not just actors but in all walks of life, and let’s be where we are. We’re human beings and I don’t understand why it’s really a discussion now.”

Ellen Page
Of course Ellen Page is much more confrontational on the subject, saying “He doesn’t have a point because he related it to sexuality.”

Rami Malek
Martin Wallström, who plays Tyrell on Mr. Robot, says he wants Tyrell and Elliott to make out on the show, which seems fitting. The gay for advantage plot seemed a little disconnected from the rest of the show to me. I loved the show, but even as a way of defining his character, that never seemed to fit.

Robert Downey Jr
According to Bleeding Cool, Avengers: Infinity Wars 1 & 2 have a combined budget of $1 billion dollars, and of that $400 million is allocated to salaries of principal actors and creatives. And of that $400 million, they say that Robert Downey, Jr. is set to get half. It seems ridiculous, but his paychecks have steadily risen in the Marvel Universe, and he got a reported $80 million for the last movie, so this is really a modest raise.

Adventure Time
Cartoon Network is wimping out with Adventure Time. While it’s been said offscreen that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have a romantic history, that won’t be dealt with in the miniseries about Marceline’s past, which also says how she became a vampire. According to executive producer Adam Muto, it’s “a theory can neither be real nor unreal.”

Scorch Trials
Twentieth Century Fox
While Twentieth Century Fox says that the cast of Maze Runner: Scorch Trials didn’t steal any artifacts from Native Americans during filming, Gossip Cop, which seldom reports anything negative about celebrities, is saying that it is actually true, but that the artifacts have been quietly returned and apologies issued.

Violence has been breaking out in India over the right to eat certain things, with a mob lynching a man over eating beef, as cows are sacred in India. A Muslim professor is taking it on by offering to buy a pork lunch for five people. “I don’t eat pork for religious, cultural and personal reasons. But I believe those who like to eat pork, should be allowed to eat pork and none should be forced to have pork. I have decided to offer to take 5 people who like to eat pork from Delhi out for lunch and order them their favourite pork dish.” Now see if you can apply that to other things, like baking a wedding cake or issuing a marriage license.

female trouble divine
John Waters says that Divine used to frighten other drag queens. “I think he changed drag queens forever. RuPaul’s show wouldn’t be there. RuPaul started a long time ago, I’ve got to give him some credit, and RuPaul also has a great look out of drag, something that Divine struggled with. Except towards the end, when he wore men’s suits and looked like a very handsome, distinguished man…His legacy was that he made all drag queens cool. They were square then, they wanted to be Miss America and be their mothers. Divine frightened drag queens because he would show up with a chainsaw and [makeup artist] Van Smith would put fake scars on his face, wearing mini skirts when you’re 300 pounds. He broke every rule. And now every drag queen, every one that’s successful today is cutting edge.”

If you’ve ever wondered where soft serve ice cream comes from, you’ll be happy to note it comes from the butt of a unicorn. But a unicorn can only poop enough ice cream to keep the world happy if it’s pooping in the right position, which most toilets don’t allow for. That’s where the Squatty Potty comes in.

I’d love to totally mock this thing, but it’s not wrong. It’s the same tip that you get if you read any bottoming tutorial, you need to straighten that s-curve out if you want comfort for things passing through there.

Stick around to the end. It’s worth it. Rarely is advertising this perfectly executed.

Danny Pintauro sat down with HIV= to discuss meth, sex, and what his goals are. I’m going to commend him for not trying to be a hero of some sort, but I’m not sure that I like his idea of being an example. Honestly, it feels like it comes with a lot of shame that he says he’s trying to erase. It really feels like his crusade here is less about removing the stigma of HIV than it is attacking meth use in the community, which is at epidemic stages. When it’s hit West Virginia, you know a trend has gone wide.

We’ve all felt some pity for cartoon T-Rex, like in Meet the Robinsons when he can’t get the kid because he has tiny arms. But that doesn’t seem to slow down American Ninja-Saurus as he takes on an obstacle course with ease. It could be because it’s Reki Rivera in that suit.


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