Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Gay WWII Code-Breaker Alan Turing In “The Imitation Game” Trailer”: WATCH

the imitation game benedict cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing, the gay mathematician whose code-breaking skills helped defeat the Nazis in WWII, in the new trailer for The Imitation Game, a Turing biopic directed by Morten Tyldum.

The film follows Turing as he’s recruited by the British government to decipher German messages, eventually cracking the Nazi’s vaunted Enigma code. He is considered the father of modern computing and was responsible for many advances in computer science.

After his wartime heroism, though, Turing was arrested and prosecuted for gross indecency after admitting to policethat he was in a relationship with another man. He was given the choice of prison or chemical castration, and chose the latter. Turing committed suicide in 1954, two weeks before his 42nd birthday.

Keira Knightly co-stars as Joan Clarke, who was briefly engaged to Turing before he came out to her. Their relationship worked, says Turing biographer Andrew Hodges, “because he could talk to her as if she were really another man.” Hodges initially criticized Tyldum’s script for downplaying Turing’s sexuality and its impact on his life, but cast and crew  promise the finished film does Turing’s life justice.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Pet Shop Boys will debut A Man From The Future, an eight-part orchestral pop “biography” about Turing, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Below, watch the trailer for The Imitation Game, coming to theaters November 21.