LGBTQ Voters Went Big for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday

LGBTQ voters are younger and more liberal than their non-LGBTQ counterparts.

LGBTQ voters went for Senator Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday in a big way, helping him remain a front-runner alongside former Vice President Joe Biden in what has become a two-man race for the nomination to take on Donald Trump in November.

According to an NBC News exit poll, conducted in 12 of the 14 Super Tuesday states, 42% of LGBTQ voters cast their ballots for the Vermont senator. Another 22% voted for Senator Elizabeth Warren, meaning the two progressive candidates netted a total of 64% of the LGBTQ vote.

Bernie Sanders LGBT sign
David McNew/Getty Images

The two centrist candidates still in the race, Biden and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, netted 19% and 6%, respectively. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who suspended his campaign on Sunday, got 6% of the LGBTQ vote.

Comparatively, non-LGBTQ voters preferred Biden, at 34% to Sanders’ 31%. Warren picked up 13% of non-LGBTQ voters’ support, and Bloomberg was close behind at 12%.

According to NBC News, over a third of LGBTQ people voting on Super Tuesday were younger than 30, and 65% were under 45, compared to non-LGBTQ Super Tuesday voters, with only 12% younger than 30, and 36% under 45.

The LGBTQ voting bloc is also more liberal than their non-LGBTQ counterparts, with 48% identifying as “very liberal” and another 31% calling themselves “somewhat liberal.” 17% said they were “moderate,” and a mere 4% self-identified as “conservative.”

Non-LGBTQ voters identified most frequently as “somewhat liberal,” at 37%, followed by “moderate,” at 31%. 23% of them said they were “very liberal,” and 9% reported they were “conservative.”

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