Ad Infinitum: The Best LGBT Commercial Of 2013

Google Nexus 5- I Do

From Google Nexus 5’s “I Do” commercial

Did you know that gays purchase goods and services just like regular people!? Corporations are finally coming around to including the LGBT community and our issues in their commercials—even if some of them are just featured online.

Check out some of the best LGBT-inclusive ads of 2013

Kindle Paperwhite

“My husband’s bringing me a drink right now!”
“So’s mine!”

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Ellen DeGeneres for CoverGirl

Ellen’s never been a girly-girl, which made it all the more awesome when CoverGirl tapped her to be one of its spokesmodels. And included sexpot Sofia Vergera as a sidekick, no less.

Nordstrom: The Ultimate Wedding Party

The luxury department store scored a hit when it included same-sex couples (and Macklemore) in its wedding promotion.

Microsoft Outlook “Get Up-to-date”

In this spot for Outlook, a recently married lesbian couple updates their profiles with their newly hyphenated names.  (Also, more Macklemore.)

Google Nexus 5: I Do

Google’s commercial for the Nexus 5 smartphone features a gay couple holding hands at City Hall among a montage of wedding scenes.

Lucky Charms  #LuckyToBe Campaign

On Lucky Charms’ #LuckyToBe website, visitors can blast inspirational messages from their social-media feeds with the cereal’s trademark marshmallow rainbow. “Being different is not an issue or a problem,” the ad for the site proclaims. “It’s lucky.” We might just go back on carbs for this one.

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Google+ Hangouts: Same Sex Marriage

Another Google spot—this one is a heartwarming French ad for Google+ Hangouts featuring an older gay couple.

Leslie Jordan for Doritos

Sure this was a Super Bowl spot created by the Lane Twins, and not an official Dorito’s ad, but it still stands out as one of the year’s best.

Kmart “Show Your Joe” Jingle Balls

Any commercial that gets One Million Moms in an uproar is a winner with us.

Expedia: Find Your Understanding

The travel-deal site launched this touching ad about a father coming around to his lesbian daughter’s wedding in 2012. But the company’s decision to air it on television in 2013 is what really made it special.

Kraft’s Zesty Italian Hunk

Kraft’s saucy spokesman can do no wrong. We’d pour salad dressing on our PB&J if he told us to.

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