Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (August 28, 2009)


Your Facebook recap votes are counted, gay and straight men mad at Mad Men, and who knew Canadians could be so forceful!

Two weeks ago, I polled readers to find out which fall television shows we should give our patented Facebook recap treatment. Coming in at #1 was Ryan Murphy’s new show Glee which snagged 29% of the vote. Second place went to Brothers & Sisters with 18% followed closely by Supernatural with 14%.

I also asked readers whether they wanted us to Facebook recap the same shows week after week, and much to my surprise, you said no by a vote of 80% to 20%. So starting next month look for us to give the Facebook treatment to the shows with the most deserving episodes for that week.

By now, most everyone knows that the season premiere of Mad Men had our boy Sal (Bryan Batt) getting a little "action" while on a business trip. Turns out some folks are mad about how the show handled the gay aspects. On one hand, we have Gawker who wants to know why that episode came with a "Mature Audiences" warning when Sal got some of the gay variety, but no such warning aired the following week when Peggy got some of the straight variety.

Meanwhile, over on Premium Hollywood, a very straight fellow nicknamed Demo42 is very unhappy the show included anything at all about Sal’s love life because Mad Men is a show about straight men for straight men (that includes the stuff about women) and everyone else can just suck it.! Demo42’s is the second to last comment and has to be read just for its hilarious amount of self-absorption and self-righteousness. Oh, and for its likening of watching gay sex to biting into an onion.

Methinks AMC should consider putting a "Not For Stupid Audiences" warning up before the next episode so Demo42 can head on over to SpikeTV. BTW, I contacted AMC for a comment about the warning label, but no one ever got back to me.

Speaking of angry, who knew Canadians could be so feisty? Well, it turns out they can be! It’s one thing to swipe all of their talented actors, musicians and so forth, and to not know the first thing about how their government works, and to tell jokes about Canadian winters. That they’ll put up with. But malign famous Canadian coffee/donut chain Tim Hortons and all hell breaks loose!

This I learned myself in the last BGWE when I nominated Tim Hortons for Asshat of the Week due to their involvement with a National Organization of Marriage fundraiser in Rhode Island. Fans of Tim Hortons were not happy with me although some expressed that in more polite ways than others.

One polite fellow told how a Tim Hortons sponsored camp provided him with many happy childhood memories while others extolled the many other virtues of Hortons. Then there was the person who wrote their whole message in caps and started off with "ARE YOU NUT!" And here I thought the Canadian educational system was so superior to the US! It was also pointed out that it was a franchisee who actually hooked up with NOM and not the Canadian corporation itself..

So I hereby apologize to Tim Hortons and all of Canada for maligning this fine institution. In fact, I had a dozen Tim Hortons donuts shipped to me along with some coffee which I’ll have to now consume to show there are no hard feelings. Here goes the donut! Chew, chew, chew. Mmmm, not bad! Okay, now for some coffee! Slurp, slurp — OMG! IT’S CRAP! Bleah! Where’s my Starbucks! This is the worst — Oops… I’ve really put my foot in it now, haven’t I?

Take that you lousy good for nothing Yank!

Dear God, no, not Queerty! The last BGWE also led to some discussion of the tone of our site which we strive to keep civil if vigorous. However, reader deegeezee suggested last week’s column veered a little too closely to being like that of Queerty. To which I can only say, No-o-o-o-o! For the love of God, not that!

Why such a strong reaction? Just check out the comments on this Queerty post and you’ll see what I mean.

Being snarky involves walking a fine line, but I can promise you, we’ll always try to not set a Queerty-like tone. Not that there is anything wrong with Queerty, mind you! We’ve nothing but respect for Queerty. (Did I manage to say that with a straight face?)

Next page! Asshat scif fi writers and the National Organization of Marriage … again! If you want to skip the Asshat voting, just click here!

This week’s nominees include a hateful, homophobic sci fi writer and it’s totally not Orson Scott Card. Go figure! We’ve also got the National Organization for Marriage sticking their bigoted noses into Iowa’s marriage fight,

But it is time to crown a new winner so allow me to present you with this week’s nominees!

1) John C. Wright

Why? When the SyFy Channel promised to do better in being gay inclusive in its programing, sci fi writer John C. Wright responded with a hate-filled diatribe on his Livejournal blog. Said Wright about the topic in a post titled More Diversity and Perversity in the Future!:

The Sci-Fi Channel … has recoiled in craven
fear and trembling when lectured by homosex activists, who gave the SF
channel an "F" rating on their political correctness. Alas, the
thoughtcrime! Not enough perverts on TV! The children have to be

I am hoping, of course, that future shows
will also portray sadomasochism and bondage in a positive light — we
are all looking forward to FLASH GORDON’S TRIP TO GOR, I hope. Love
affairs with corpses, small children, and farm animals will also be on
display in a natural nonchalant fashion in the new raft of progressive
shows, titles such as I DREAM OF STINKY, PEDERASTY JUNCTION, and OLD
MACDONALD HAD A SHEEP — but no Mormons, whose moral standing we all
abhor. The only good thing about Mormons, as we all know, is their
polygamy. That we can approve of. Anything that offends the Patriarchy,
we like. Evil is our good. 

He also likens being gay to being racist among a whole host of other things. Personally, I hope Mad Men was his all time favorite show — until last week. Bwa ha ha!

1) Maggie Gallagher/National Organization for Marriage/Steven Burgmeier

Why? Like I really have to explain this to anyone! But for those who missed it, Miss Gallagher and her band of Merry Bigots (do you think bigots can ever really be merry?) are invading the state of Iowa in order to reclaim it from the ravage of evil same-sex marriage demons. Part of that effort includes supporting Steven Burgmeier (pictured above) in his campaign to win a special election for the seat in Iowa House District 90.

In addition to opposing same-sex marriages, Burgmeier vows to pass laws preventing men from cutting their beards, requiring all women capable of bearing children to reproduce constantly and to put to death anyone who serves tofu. 

Next page! A pastor Robert C. Wright could love! Well, not love like that! 

#3 Pastor Steven Anderson

Why? Earlier in the week, this nutcase made headlines because he said every night when he goes to bed, he prays for President Obama to die and go to hell. You know, just like Jesus would pray!

A German clock and a cuckoo

Well, I’m sure it’s no surprise to learn that Pastor Steven also isn’t terribly fond of us gays saying, "I believe that every homosexual in the world is a deviant, is evil,
and is a predator that is out to recruit others through molestation,
through rape. It’s in the news…I would keep my kids away from them."

You know, just like Jesus would! 

I’ll give Anderson credit for one thing: When it was pointed out to him that the section of Leviticus he quoted about gays, also says that children who curse their parents can be killed, Pastor Steven acknowledged that is true. If I were Pastor Steve’s kids, I’d really watch my mouth.

#4 Marcello Lippi 

Why? Via The Advocate came news that Lippi, the coach of the Italian national football team, told a reporter he would never allow a gay couple to play on his team saying "This is not a
question of culture but is more related to the fact
that such a relation would create conflicts contrary to the
interests of the dynamics of the group."

Given that Italy is so incredibly accepting of gay soccer players (ha!), I can see why Lippi thought this impending problem needed to be addressed so forcefully. Lippi also added "Imagine how a
homosexual couple in football would be perceived. … Even if,
socially, most people would support and understand such a
situation it would nonetheless become magnified and
eventually would be viewed negatively."

Yeah, especially with comments like his. Lippi then went to help the Italian soccer players oil each other up for their next photo shoot like the one below. 

Okay for Italian soccer players … not okay for Italian soccer players

Anywho, it’s time for the voting to begin!


Next page! Shooting arrows at the week’s TV!


Big Brother doesn’t suck, not quite so mad about Mad Men, thrilled Miami Social is over and I heart Top Chef’s Ashley! You go, girl!

TRUE BLOOD: The pairing of Sam, Jason and Andy to trick the crazed citizens of Bon Temps into thinking Jason was the God they’ve been waiting for was just brilliant. And I don’t think I’ll get the image of a gas-masked Jason waving flares around his head out of my mind for a long time. I’m also so glad the Rising Sun church storyline is done and over with. That leaves the really intriguing stuff with Maryann to come!

MAD MEN: No fall out this week for Sal over his trystus interruptus last week as it was Peggy’s turn to get her groove on &#8212 something she managed to do without any pesky fire alarms messing it up. Given Sal’s situation (and the secondary nature of the storyline), something tells me we might have to wait a while to see what happens next for him. 

BIG BROTHER: I must be losing my mind as I’m not actually hating the show at this point. And not just because somehow Kevin, despite winning nothing and having an alliance that has been decimated week after week, not only got himself removed from potential elimination, but has also put himself in running to make the final four. And on top of that, this week’s episode included a short but nice discussion of Kevin talking about being gay and how pleasantly surprised he’s been by the lack of homophobia in the other houseguests. 

Wait, am I sure I’m watching the right show?

NURSE JACKIE: I would’ve loved the season finale even if we hadn’t had that little kiss between Coop and Momo as Coop tried to help Momo out with his partner. And as promised, Jackie’s behavior had real repercussions and it will be fascinating to not only see what happens with her next season, but to learn more about Momo’s personal life. 

AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW: Vogue Evolution had a chance to cement their status as frontrunners this week, but didn’t really follow through with their lion uncaged number. While they had a lot of energy and movement, sometimes it looked a bit too sloppy. BTW, am I the only not loving JC Chasez? He seems pretty uncomfortable on the show and I find his feedback not particularly insightful. 

MIAMI SOCIAL: Dear lord, is it really finally over? This show, which was already about a real as aspartame, got even more fake in the season finale when underwear designer Andrew Christian suddenly had to have Ariel hold a casting call for underwear models. And during the auditions, Andrew was such a pig asking the models if they’d do porn, asking about their packages and telling them to show their crack that Ariel “Get that fat girl out of here now!” Stein, leapt to his feet to defend their honor! I guess hot guys deserve respect, but fat girls? Not so much.

Sorry, Ariel; you’re still the nastiest queer guy to come down the pike in a long time. May we never see you on our screens again. 

Ariel as a … good guy? Not buying it.

ENTOURAGE: Lloyd had a bit more to do this week with Drama’s situation, and promo materials from HBO shows Lloyd having a bit more to do in the coming weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. It’s nice to see Eric still getting a storyline, but do you think we’ll ever find out who took Vince’s undies? My money is on Ari. Or maybe it was Ariel.

RACHEL ZOE PROJECT: Paging PC and Ariel! Paging PC and Ariel! Now that NYC Prep and Miami Social are over, you’d be right at home on this show of whiny self-absorbed celebrity wannabes. Email Andy Cohen at…

TOP CHEF: I not only heart Ashley for speaking out about same-sex marriage, but the TC producers for including that as part of the episode. Very cool on both counts and extra kudos to Ashley for putting aside her feelings to do the best job she could. So far this Las Vegas edition is proving to be a winner.

FLIPPING OUT: Not much flipping out this week or much of anything else. Frankly, can’t even really recall much of went down and that’s not a good sign. Fortunately, next week’s previews look interesting.

Next page! What I did on my summer vacation!

Last week, the BGWE took some off and vacationed with family in northern Idaho. But he thought it would be nice to share some photos of the week as he hung out around the campfire, swam with the kids, hiked and more!

BGWE getting ready to roast smores!

BGWE playing with the best nieces and nephews ever!

BGWE hanging with some cute guy he met by the lake…

BGWE hiking and keeping a sharp eye out for Grizzly bears.
Fortunately, none are near by!

BGWE serving some adult refreshments!

Wait a minute! How did this get in here! I deny this ever happened!
I didn’t drink that much, did I?

Longtime readers of the site know I frequently lament that I don’t get much time to read as I’m letting Miami Social rot my brain, but thanks to my recent vacation, I did get to some serious book time in! All of the books below have some "gay" connection even if one or two might be rather tenuous.

WHAT WE REMEMBER: The latest read from out writer Michael Thomas Ford is a bit of a departure for the author of Last Summer and Looking For It which we’re pretty specifically were written for gay men. Ford’s latest novel still has a major gay character, but seems aimed for more mainstream success ala the family drama’s of Jodi Picoult.

WWR is a family mystery moving backward and forward in time (rather confusingly at first) as the McCloud family — including Billy, the gay, troubled, drug-addicted youngest son — unravel the mystery of what happened to their dead father seven years before.

It’s not a perfect novel, but the characters are engaging, the mystery is satisfying, and Ford is a fine writer of easy reading fiction. 

OBJECT OF DESIRE: If you’re a William Mann fan (which I’m not) then this latest beach book from the out writer might be something you’ll enjoy. Set mostly in Palm Springs, OOD tells the story of 41-year-old Anthony Fortunato as he works his way through a mid-life crisis which finds him torn between his longterm partner, who happens to be fifteen years older, and a hot 26-year-old bartender who comes across as nuts.

Personally, I didn’t buy any of the characters as at all believable and didn’t much care how the situation turned out &#8212 as if there was ever any real doubt. 

MENTAL: FUNNY IN THE HEAD: Eddie Sarfaty is a also stand-up comedian and if his stand-up is as funny as his first memoir, then he must be a pretty good one. Mixing touching tales of traveling with parents, including his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, along with his own personal travails in both his work and private life, Sarfaty lays claim to some of the absurd memoir turf owned for so long by David Sedaris. Let’s hear it for not whining about our problems, but making fun of them and then fixing them. 

ASSISTED LOVING: TRUE TALES OF DOUBLE DATING WITH MY DAD: Bob Morris, a frequent writer for the New York Times Sunday Style section, has also penned a David Sedaris-like memoir. But where Sedaris (and Sarfaty) make their own shortcomings amusing and endearing, Morris comes off as whiny and unlikable. Even more unlikable is Morris’ recently widowed father with whom Morris double dates. 

To be fair, the second half of the book does make the two men more appealing, but by that point, Morris had convinced me that his father was such an unpleasant man, and that Morris himself was such an unceasing whiner with no one to blame for his problems but himself, that I just didn’t care. 

AZTEC: I’m a sucker for historical novels and this sprawling epic novel by Gary Jennings about the Aztec empire just before and after the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519, hits all the right beats. Jennings marvelously captures what daily life like in the Aztec empire very well might have been like and vividly recreates the Aztec capitol of Tenochtitlan, one of the largest cities in the world at the time and said to rival Venice in terms of beauty.

First published in 1980, the book is told from the point of view of Dark Cloud as he recounts to the Spanish Conquerors his memorable life, which happened to include two friends from his childhood who grew up to become gay lovers. Given that the novel is almost thirty years old, I wasn’t surprised when one lover dies and the other becomes the lifelong enemy of Dark Cloud.

But given that Dark Cloud himself isn’t exactly a saintly character, I wasn’t bothered by the gay character’s villainy and give Jennings credit for even acknowledging homosexuality existed in the Aztec world. 

THE PRIVATE PATIENT: England’s P.D. James is probably my favorite mystery writer and her Adam Dalgliesh is one of my favorite detectives. Her latest novel delivers on all accounts and even includes a gay character in a smallish part. If you haven’t yet read James, I suggest you start with Cover Her Face and follow the development of one of literatures most intriguing sleuths. 

THE TRIUMPH OF CAESAR: The Roma Sub Rosa novels by out author Steven Saylor is another mystery series I very much enjoy. The books follow Gordianus the Finder, a Roman with a knack for finding himself entangled with some of ancient Rome’s most powerful citizens including Julius Caesar, Pompey and Cicero.  

Those who read the last Gordianus book might be a surprised to find that Gordianus and his wife Bethesda are alive and well, despite all appearances of having died in the Nile during the last novel. But don’t expect Saylor to explain to fans who thought they’d lost Gordianus how he survived.

Frankly, the whole thing reads as a cheat and was almost enough to make me stop reading the book. If Saylor can seemingly kill off his major character, only to then bring him back with nary a word of explanation, why should I believe anything else that happens in the book?

As for TTOC itself, it’s very rote as Gordianus literally wanders around Rome talking to the likely suspects in repetitive fashion. Bor-ing… And either Saylor is getting lazy or I’m a genius because I knew who the killer was the second he/she was introduced.

At least Saylor does his usual fine job of bringing the ever fascinating Roman world to life. On the other hand, so do other authors and I might be done with this series.

Next page! What to watch on TV this week!

What’s this? An actual movie opening this week that is specifically of gay interest? Why yes it is! That would be Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock starring Demetri Martin. Now we can get past some of the minor controversy that has come up of late about kissing dudes and judge the movie on its own merits. Unfortunately for the movie, right now it’s only got a 50% rating on and our own Alonso Duralde didn’t exactly love it.

Also opening is Halloween II directed by Rob Zombie and featuring an eclectic cast including Margot Kidder, Malcolm McDowell, and Weird Al Yankovic. You’d think Halloween was right around the corner as also hitting screens is the horror flick The Final Destination.

I am gorgeous, aren’t I?

TV-wise, Hugh Jackman and Lady Ga Ga show up on Friday night’s ep of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC America. SyFy has new ep of Eureka; perhaps barely there Vincent will show up and make John C. Wright gag on his warm milk. And if you’re a sports fan, CBS has the New England Patriots taking on the Washington Redskins.

Saturday has the San Diego Chargers taking on the Atlanta Falcons as well as the season finale of Russell Tovey’s Being Human.

Sunday afternoon has a new episode of What Would Brian Boitano Make, but there is no reason for me to mention that here. At least not according to The Food Network. Otherwise, Sunday is going to be really gay with new eps of Big Brother, True Blood, Design Star, Entourage, America’s Best Dance Crew, and Mad Men as well as the Daytime Emmy Awards on CBS with As the Word TurnsVan Hansis up for an award.Go, Van! Go!

While it may seem like Greek only just finished airing its last season, that isn’t keeping a new season from starting Monday night. The first episode picks right up where we left off with Calvin and Grant figuring out where their relationship stands. And after a night of heavy drinking, Calvin temporarily thinks they stand a little further along than they really do.

And here is a pic from an upcoming episode that contrives to get the Frat guys in their underwear. This might be right up there with Gossip Girl’s same-sex kiss as far as being a rating stunt of which we can approve.

If this was really a ratings stunt, I’d be wearing tight-whities.
And kissing the guy next to me!

Also on Monday night is a new The Secret Life of the American Teenager as well as the season finale of Dance Your Ass Off! Go Ruben, go!

Tuesday is Flipping Out, Big Brother and Addicted To Beauty while Wednesday has Top Chef and The Real World Cancun. Thursday night someone gets voted off of Big Brother and will all of Team Gay make it through the next Project Runway

Next page! The Gay of the Week!

I bet your were starting to wonder where this week’s gay of the week was, right? Well, here he is and he’s someone we hadn’t even heard of a few short week’s ago. It’s One Life to Live’s latest gay — Nick Rodriguez!

May Nick’s reign be a long and happy one!

Australia’s Perfect Couple wasn’t a gay couple as Prometheus Welsh reported that even though the inoffensive and barely there gay couple Robbie and Dan made it to the finale, PW suspects the boys never stood a chance against Gemma and Raf. Not only did the fellows only get about five minutes of screentime, but PW found this comment on the APC website from someone named Lola

I bet I know who wins. It wont be the gay couple. I have nothing
against gay people but how would it look if Australias perfect couple
was a gay couple. I dont think that gives a very good apperance for
Australia, so I dont think they will win, even if they got all the
votes in the show i dont think the tv execs would allow it.

Hey, maybe Demo42 should move to Australia! And John C. Wright! And Pastor Steve! And…

Both Project Runway and True Blood did gangbusters in the ratings this week. TB shot up 20% week over week to a record 5.3 million viewers — on a pay cable network! Meanwhile, absence only made the fashion heart grow fonder as the fifth season of Project Runway not only gave Lifetime its highest ratings ever for a premiere, but the show also earned it’s highest ratings ever for a first episode. Such is the mighty power of The Gunn!

Tim is the man!

This week, I posted an interview with the very cool Pauley Perrette. I then heard back through the grapevine that Survivor’s Jeff Probst was being visited by his father in Samoa and that he was all excited to read on that Jeff and Pauley are friends. He picked up that little tidbit in my interview with her as I mentioned I was interviewing Jeff when Pauley said hi to him while wearing her very cool "Legalize Gay" t-shirt which led me to interview her. See how it’s all interconnected? It’s a small world after all! It’s a small world…

It’s as if Pauley is the blonde girl, Jeff Probst is the rabbit and I’m the … queen?

I’ve also been hearing reports that Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance has been as nearly homophobic as the U.S. version. I wanted to look into it this week, but had some serious computer problems (I actually worried whether there would be a column this week!) and didn’t get to it. I’ll try for next week, but if anyone has any clips or knows anything more, drop me a line at

Speaking of dropping me a line, I know some folks have had trouble registering on the site. When you sign up, you are told a password will be sent to your email, but some folks report never getting it. The odds are your server is bouncing our email as spam as some providers have mistakenly tagged us as such. This is especially true of Comcast and ATT. If this happens to you, try registering with another email account or email me at the address above and we’ll send you a password from another account. 

Everyone was atwitter this week that NBC had pushed the return of Southland back a month. N-o-o-o-o-! I checked with a source very close to the show who feels very confident about the move and sees it as a good thing. If they do, then I will too. I’m also hearing good things about the scripts!

Finally, this clip is just too bizarre not too post. Warning, it might be slightly NSFW.

Now I’ll shut up so you can have the BEST.GAY.WEEK.EVER!