Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (March 19, 2010)

Given that GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) awarded our own Flying Monkey for his article on effemiphobia, it’s not exactly a surprise that I’d be having warm fuzzy feelings about the group just now. 

The Flying Monkey mere moments before he flew away with his award.

But after having attended the ceremony in New York last Saturday night, I can honestly say I came away more impressed with the work GLAAD is doing, some of which I don’t think many folks are aware of.

While the ceremony definitely had its share of celebs getting awards, presenting awards and performing — Cynthia Nixon, Joy Behar, Alan Cumming, Sarah Paulson — I thought it especially great that GLAAD went out of their way to not only present some of the less glamorous awards like the Monkey’s, but to highlight some of the work they do with folks most of us don’t recognize and who are doing great things on our behalf. People like Elke Kennedy.

Elke Kennedy

Three years ago, Elke’s 20-year-old son Sean was murdered in Greenville, South Carolina, specifically because he was gay. After the murder, GLAAD offered their condolences to Sean’s family, but just as importantly, they also offered to work with Sean’s mom to help her effect change in the wake of her son’s murder. 

With GLAAD’s help, Elke underwent media training to learn how to become a public speaker in order to lobby for Hate Crimes Legislation both in South Carolina and at the national level. She’s appeared in all sorts of national press such as CNN and GLAAD has written press releases and offered other support to Elke as she established Sean’s Last Wish, which Elke created specifically to get Hates Crimes legislation enacted. 

Elke spoke at the GLAAD awards Saturday night and I was struck not just by how moving her story is, but by how shrewd of GLAAD it was to reach out to people such as her. I honestly can’t imagine a better person to go and speak to middle America about these issues than someone like Elke. 

Except maybe the most precocious 10-yeard-old boy ever. 

Will Phillips

GLAAD did the same outreach and education with Will Phillips from Arkansas who rose to national attention last year when he refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance at his school because gay people are denied the right to marry. GLAAD worked with the Phillips’ family on how best to bring their message to as many people as possible, and that included giving Will an award Saturday night.

Will’s speech was one of the night’s highlights and brought even more attention to our issues. Thanks to Will’s higher profile, he’s now part of the GetEqual foundation and I’ve little doubt, he’ll do great things. In fact, I say we just make him President of the World right now.

All of this goes hand in hand with GLAAD’s new logo which represents how the group works to "amplify" all of our voices in the fight for equality. It’s a pretty clever visual representation of that idea. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t trust the traditional media to cover these stories, and cover them well, without someone gay involved somewhere along the line.

Next page! Hanging out with the beautiful people!

While Brent and I did choose to forgo doing the red carpet at the GLAAD awards (hey, there is a reason we are writers!) we did go to the after party where we rubbed elbows with all the beautiful people. Okay, I did rub elbows with some famous people during the ceremony including Sarah Paulson (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Cupid) who was seated about twelve inches from me. (Every time I crossed my legs, I had to be careful not to kick her!)

Not only was Sarah stunningly beautiful, but she was very enthusiastic during the ceremony cheering outloud several times including very loudly when Brent mentioned during his acceptance speech (she also made a very generous donation to GLAAD). Right after the ceremony ended, I introduced myself to her as the editor of and told her how jealous the readers of AfterEllen were going to be that I sat next to her all night. 

Sarah’s response? To insist we take this picture to make folks even more jealous. 

Me and my new girlcrush

Right before the ceremony started, I spotted Scott Evans and Brett Claywell so went over to introduce myself. Both were very nice and sweet and had great things to say about and our readers. I have to say that both also seemed a little stunned and I wondered how much they were still reeling from the news about One Life to Live. I was dying to interview them about it, but it felt wrong to do so right then, so I just told them how sorry I was about what had happened.

I said the same thing to OLTL’s headwriter Ron Carlivati after the ceremony ended. By that point, he had the award for the show and he seemed equally shell-shocked as Scott and Brett. He and I talked a little more and it seemed like he had some things he wanted to talk about, but couldn’t. And, yes, that’s really all I know.

But I can settle one other bit of controversy. Some folks had speculated that GLAAD didn’t award One Life to Live
their award on stage due to the controversy, but the fact is that the vast majority of awards were not presented on stage and the list of those that did get that
special recognition were announced last February 17th.

BTW, a giant "Boo!" to Tom O’Neil of Gold Derby for trying to gin up yet more fake controversy around the whole issue.  

On a much happier note, I also finally got to meet the Phillips’ family face-to-face. I’ve corresponded with Will’s mom Laura for quite some time so it was nice to put a face with the cyber name. Will was adorable in his tuxedo and wildly keyed up. He did ask me for my autograph shortly before he bolted off into the crowd in search of more — and presumably more famous –autographs.

Will’s personality is so strong, it warped the time/space continuum!

Dustin Lance Black announced Brent’s award and at the party afterward, we got to visit with the Oscar winner who was unbelievably sweet and down-to-earth. When he introduced us to his boyfriend, he did so by saying incredibly nice things about and let me just say, having the winner of an Academy Award praising your work is pretty damned cool

Speaking of cool, Ronnie Kroell was at the party with his boyfriend Taylor Proffitt. Ronnie also had mucho complimentary things to say about the site and how much he appreciated all the support from you guys. Ronnie also confirmed that he is getting nekkid for Playgirl, something he agreed to after the magazine gave him complete control of all aspects of the shoot. 

I almost wore the exact same suit as Ronnie. Awkward!

Lord knows it has to be better than that awful thing Levi Johnston did. Ronnie also said he was shopping a new reality show that would be about five gay men including himself and his boyfriend. Stay tuned for details!

And one final note: on the flight to New York, Brent and I were recognized on the plane by an AE reader who introduced himself to us. It was a little surreal to be recognized and had me worried I might have done something embarrassing during the flight like falling asleep and drooling on myself. 

Next page! A straight man on the Power Rankings?

This week’s number one is split three ways &#8212 including with a straight guy! Plus, As the World Turns has not one, not two, but three guys on the list and there is a new Cellar Dweller.'s Weekly Power Rankings
Rank (Last Week)
Show (Network)

Ron Carlivati, Scott Evans, and Brett Claywell

1 (N/A)

One Life to Live
Yes, Brett is straight but he’s included here for the classy way he, Carlivati and Evans handled themselves in the wake of Kish’s end.


2 (N/A)

As the World Turns
It’s too bad Nuke’s break up had to be so much better than anything else they’ve had of late.

John Cooper

3 (3)

I’m really starting to love Officer Cuddlybear for his mix of no BS attitude wrapped around his soft, sensitive interior!

Justin Suarez

4 (N/A)

Ugly Betty
Justin’s teenage angst is so palpable, I feel like I’m sixteen again. Except there is no way in hell I could’ve kissed another boy at that age.

Dr. Reid Oliver

5 (N/A)

As the World Turns
This prickly arrogant doctor is a breath of fresh air. Too bad he’s just joining the show now.


6 (N/A)

Ugly Betty
I love how willing Marc is to be there for Justin. Where was my Marc when I was sixteen?

Kevin Walker

7 (N/A)

Brothers & Sisters
So Kevin likes daytime sex best, eh? That’s interesting info…

Robert Verdi

8 (N/A)

The Robert Verdi Show
Kudos to Robert for using the episode raise money for an AIDS charity.

Jessica Wild

9 (N/A)

RuPaul’s Drag Race
Personally, I thought Pandora Boxx was the winner, but yay for Jessica!

Jordan Pious

10 N/A)

The Amazing Race
Jordan was pretty hilarious this week, but am I the only one having trouble telling him apart from his brother? Especially when they are dressed alike.

While it would’ve been easy to put Paul from High Society back in the Cellar, let’s just retire him to the Cellar Dweller Hall of Fame. So this week the “honor” goes to Doug from Millionaire Matchmaker. Doug comes off as arrogant, vain, self-absorbed and utterly shallow. I just can’t imagine why he needs the help of a matchmaker.

Next page! Shooting arrows at the week’s TV!

Desperate Housewives disappoints, Ugly Betty is hilarious, Southland lightens up (for that show, anyway!) and Andy Samberg in his undies makes almost anything better!

THE AMAZING RACE: Okay, I may never have touched a stirrup, lasso, or a gelding but I know how to pronounce them. Is a "baguette" really so foreign that Team Cowboy could think it’s a pastry?

And here is a clip of Jordanand Daniel discussing the race thus far.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Maybe this should be called Desperate Writers because that’s what this week felt like. On the other hand, Andrew was pretty smokin’ and the John Barrowman storyline is starting to unfold!

BROTHERS & SISTERS: As Steven Frank pointed out in his recap, Kevin and Scotty seem to be bookending a lot of episodes lately. And, no, that’s not a euphemism for daytime sex.

SOUTHLAND: Only one person died? And the little girl with Asperger’s was rescued? And John helped Chickie become a better cop? If this show gets any lighter, it’ll be a sitcom! Seriously, this might have been the best episode yet, a nice mix between the heavy drama and character development. BTW, if you find the series too dark to watch, you should still read Steven Frank’s hilarious recap.

HIGH SOCIETY: Obviously, I was delighted that the CW’s High Society stank up the ratings in its first outing. I suggest the network let the show go out with a bang by using CGI to have Godzilla stampede through Manhattan and devouring the entire cast.

UGLY BETTY: Carol Kane and Justin’s first kiss? What’s not to like? Well, except for the fact the show is almost … over. Actually, the episode had some hilarious one-liners, mostly from Wilhelmina including the following exchange after Betty shows up at Mode wearing a … fashionable outfit which stuns Wilhelmina.

WILHELMINA: Who was that monochromatic blur? Does she look nice?
MARC: Willy, you swore you’d die before you ever complimented a Suarez ensemble.
[gasps in excruciating pain. Falls to the floor]
: What happened?
MARC: Isn’t it obvious? Your stumble into good taste has killed her!

Later, a hospitalized Wilhelmina chastises Marc for his lack of devotion to Mode and his over indulging at lunch.

WILHELMINA: Really, Marc? Soup and half a salad. When the cat’s away, the mice will gorge themselves to death. If you’re hungry, call down for ice chips.

And later:

WILHELMINA: Jockstrap Night at Boy Bar doesn’t start until 10, Marc.

Next page! Can Andy Samberg in his undies save Sarah Silverman?

SPARTACUS: So that’s what the Kirk Douglas looks like, huh? (You didn’t think I was actually going to show it, did you? Fortunately, it wasn’t enough to defeat Spartacus who seems pretty taken with his role as the Champion of Capua. And talk about an "unhappy ending" for poor Kirkdouglacus.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait for DVD…

LAW & ORDER: I am highly annoyed that after 20 years, this series has still never had a gay regularly occurring character and featured another dead gay, this time a meth addict. On the other hand, the episode did have Cheyenne Jackson’s character referring to his dead partner as "husband" and made a big deal out of the fact that this was a hate crime.

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: This would’ve been fine if the NBCSucks hadn’t stretched it over two hours. Cyndi was great although her team lost and her GLBT charity didn’t get any money. And while I’m utterly loathe to agree with Donald Trump about anything, I also found the women’s inability to pick a loser frustrating.

MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER: So Patti’s idea of advice for the first date is that nothing goes in any holes? I’d think millionaires could afford someone a little more classy. As for gay millionaire Doug, don’t worry. I’m sure there is someone out there just as shallow and vapid as yourself.

THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM: Sarah’s off-the-wall shtick is wearing a little thin. Good thing she had Andy Samberg in his undies to save things.

THE ROBERT VERDI SHOW: Last week I tried referring to the AE staff as "bitches" during a meeting like Robert does, but all that happened was that Dennis took my Starbucks card away, Snicks made me listen to Men Without Hats for a day, Ed made me watch High Society over and over and the Monkey kept taunting me with his GLAAD award.

CAPRICA: Um, hello, where is Sam? Brother Joseph is pretty lame on his own. And I’m sure there are lots of Sam’s tattoos we haven’t seen yet. Something about I Heart Larry on his tush maybe?

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Van and Jake totally rocked their break-up scenes and I’m really starting to like Dr. Reid. Call me surprised. And good luck getting your eyesight, Noah, but don’t rush back on our account!

ARCHER: The season finale of Archer was pretty much sheer brilliance with Sterling’s paternity coming question and a whole host of other obscene storylines that were wildly offensive — and bust a gut funny!

What to watch this week!


Not much gay at this week’s box office, but the man candy includes Jude Law in Repo Man and Gerard Butler in The Bounty Hunter. Also opening is the film version of one my favorite books from the past couple of years, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Note, this is the Swedish version and not the American remake which is still in the works.

Jude Law, Gerard Butler

Friday’s Spartacus has a really shocking twist that I never saw coming. And if you think you’ve already seen Batty and Lucretia behave utterly amorally, wait until you see this week’s episode. And speaking of "seeing," this is the week Sparty goes full frontal, although it’s actually a bodydouble and not Andy Whitfield.

Over on Caprica, the credits show that Sam at least shows up during the episode which is called "Ghost in the Machine" and has Joseph doing his utmost to get to Tamara in New Cap City. While he’s there he encounters the fellow below pictured in drag which could be good or bad.

New Cap City is really edgy because it has men wearing ladies clothing!

And Shameless fans, the fifth seasons wraps up Friday night on the Sundance Channel.

Sunday night’s Amazing Race is called "Cathy Drone" which gives us absolutely no clue as to what it is about. Frankly, it sounds like it belongs to Caprica. But the TAR preview clip shows the teams going to a French vineyard where they have to pour champagne into a stack of champagne glasses, a task which Jordan takes on. Hey, are they stereotyping?

There is no new episode of Brothers & Sisters as it’s been replaced by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Um, WTF? Oh, well, that means its up to John Barrowman to bring the gay on Desperate Housewives. As for Brothers & Sisters, it doesn’t come back until April 11th.

There is nothing gay about it, but Breaking Bad, one the absolute best shows on television, comes back to AMC on Sunday night. If you haven’t watched it before, do yourself a favor and start watching now. Meanwhile, the second season of What Would Brian Boitano Make continues with Brian cooking for his good friend Kristi Yamaguchi which is completely consistent with the show having nothing to do with Brian’s personal life.

Monday sees a new season of Dancing with the Stars. If Greg Louganis were dancing, I’d be watching but if you want to check out Evan Lysacek’s moves, you’re in luck. It also features Pamela Anderson, but I’m not sure how many of our readers are fans.

The new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race is called "Once Upon a Queen" and has Jackie Collins as a guest judge. If only it featured Jackie and Joan Collins, it would be perfect. Also on Monday is a new How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Celebrity Fit Club and Trauma.

Next page! Tara is back and gayer than ever!

But the big news on Monday night is the return of two gay faves on showtime — Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara. On Monday, we’ll have a preview of the first two eps of USoT which is so gay it might as well be on Bravo. Not only do we learn more about Marshall, but it turns out a gay couple lives next door to the Gregors.

Tara’s new gay neighbors

The first episode is really strong with Marshall navigating the tricky waters of high school as a gay teen. Be prepared for his story to go some unexpected places.

Tuesday has a new episode of Southland which will prove to be very interesting. I can’t say too much about it, but for those who want to see more of John being out, I’m told this should be your episode. I can tell you that John and Ben go on a road trip to visit Dewey in rehab, but John also has to attend a funeral.

It also sounds like it won’t be as graphic as some episodes which I prefer. I think the show works better when it isn’t so gruesome, but delves more into the moral complexity of policing in L.A. as well the lives of the cops and detectives.

Wednesday’s Modern Family is called "Starry Night" and somehow ends up with Mitchell wearing a dress. Check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s gams.

The Robert Verdi Show starring Robert Verdi has Robert looking for the fountain of youth while Ugly Betty features Betty getting … her braces off! There is also a new Mercy and Cougar Town as well as the awful High Society. Speaking of which, the CW pushed that piece of crap back a half hour in order to debut another somewhat less awful piece of crap called Fly Girls.

This "reality" show follows a group of Virgin Airline flight attendants living in San Francisco. While not nearly as noxious as HS, these flight attendants aren’t exactly gals most of us would want to hang with, but there is only one who truly stands out as HS material. Meet Nikole:

I’m the show’s crazy be-yotch!

Let’s just say after watching the first two eps, she’s the sort of person who would stick a knife in your back (or knee you in the balls) and then thirty seconds later say "You’re still mad about that? Why can’t you just move on?" No doubt she was the first one the show cast.

As for the show’s "reality" aspect, anyone who has watched much reality televison knows you don’t want to look too closely or you’ll spot the seams where the "reality" has been stitched together. And here you’d have to blind to miss the fakeness as many scenes are so obviously staged that you’ll probably find yourself agog that this is the best they could come up with. (The Richard Branson speech going "missing" was the, um, highlight.)

Next page! I don’t hate everything on the CW!

So you don’t think I’m totally gunning for the CW, I am happy to say two of their good shows are coming back next week — Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries — and as an added bonus, both are chock-full of hotties.

Dean, Sam and Alaric. On your mark, get set, slash!

Thursday also has a new Project Runway, Sarah Silverman Program, Watch What Happens Live, and best of all, Cheyenne Jackson returns as Danny on 30 Rock. This episode revolves around practical jokes including one that gets everyone in this picture stripped down to just their underwear — except Cheyenne. Truly, there is no justice in the world.

The winner of last week’s Asshat poll won’t exactly come as a shock.

Congrats to one of our own as Josh Aterovis scored himself a Lambda Book nomination for his novel All Things Lost in the Mystery category. Yay, Josh! Now bring home that Lammy!

On Monday we published the results of our 50 Greatest Gay Characters poll and some readers had some questions about the results. Captain Jack and Brian Kinney were the two frontrunners with Jack edging out Brian by a little less than 3%. Ianto Jones came in a solid third place and everyone else after that was bunched fairly close together.

More than 150 characters received at last one vote (most many more than that) and that is a definite increase over last time. Just looking at the top fifty, ten of those characters didn’t even exist when we did the last poll.

Thanks to everyone who voted for making it so successful!

This just in! I’ve got Brent’s acceptance speech at the GLAAD Awards.

Um, no pay raise, Monkey. Get an Oscar and we’ll talk. Now get off of my pillow!

Even if you can’t attend the very cool Gays of Our Lives event in New York City next weekend, there is a fan raffle you can still participate in online. All the proceeds go to benefit The Trevor Project
so what are you waiting for!

For those you who are especially eagle-eyed, you might have already noticed, we’ve added some new features to every piece of content to the site. In the block at the bottom of every post, you can now Tweet the post, add it to Facebook, bookmark it on, post on, dig it on, or give it a thumbs up StumbleUpon.

I’ve absolutely no desire to include this here, but the Monkey told me if I didn’t do it, he’d sneak in and do it while I wasn’t looking. Don’t get too excited &#8212 it’s just me yammering on about my "legacy" or something.

One of the very nice comments left on the original post with this clip was from krisu50 who said he’s been reading almost since the very beginning. And that got me wondering how long folks have been hanging around these parts. So let’s find out!

If you have a minute and are willing, I’d love to hear how both old timers, new timers and those in between first found their way to the site. I always find those stories really interesting.

Finally, the BGWE will be taking a break next week as I have to travel to New York. But we’ll be back the week after!

Now I’ll shut up so you can have the BEST.GAY.WEEK.EVER!