Best. Gay. Week. Ever. (November 21, 2008)


to worry, we’re still back with the “Classic Coke” B.G.W.E. format. Trust me,
Michael is still hanging on the rack
for that one.

the experience wasn’t a complete disaster. We learned that people actually do
read and like our little column.

we get to see Michael in excruciating physical pain. What, you thought I was
kidding about our hanging him on an actual rack?


We recently posted an excellent review of the loved/hated 1970 gay classic The Boys in the Band,
which is newly out on DVD.

Still, I wasn’t sure I agreed with one of our commenters,
who noted, “The characters are beautifully drawn and we ALL know every last one
of them.”

 Mart Crowley and the cast of The Boys in the Band

Do we? Sometimes I feel like I’m more familiar with the Scarecrow
and the Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of
than the gay freak show that is The
Boys in the Band

But maybe I’m wrong. Are we gay folk more like the Boys in the Band than we’re willing to
let on? Do we each perhaps resemble a particular
Band boy?

Well, hey, why not take my patented quiz to find out!

Curious what the various personality types are? Click here after taking the quiz.


biggest gay news of the week — by far!
was the fact that gay fave Paul Rudd hosted last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live.


so he wasn’t naked for the whole
show, just a semi-lame sketch he did where he and fellow hottie Andy Samberg
paint each other in the nude.

and yeah, the “good parts” were pixelated.

the minute the sketch aired, we’ve been inundated here at with
one very specific request: can you de-pixelate
the screen-shots?

the answer is … OF COURSE!

wasn’t easy, but ever since the segment aired, we’ve been working tirelessly
day and night here at the facility (which, if you’ll recall, is
a cross between the five-level underground laboratory in The Andromeda Strain and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory).

the results are in!

Next page… The first shot ever of Paul
Rudd completely naked!

As promised, a computer-enhanced, de-pixelated photo of Paul Rudd on Saturday Night Live

so maybe we got the definition a little too high.

not to worry! The technicians here at are working on this even
as I type, and I’m certain we’ll have a better result for you by the time I
finish the column!


let me see if I’ve got this straight:

  • The California Supreme Court declared that discrimination
    against same-sex couples is unconstitutional under that state’s Constitution and
    ruled that gay marriage is legal.
  • In the wake of a backlash against the decision, conservatives
    got Proposition 8 on the ballot and then narrowly got it passed.
  • In a backlash against that vote, GLBT activists started
    boycotting the owners of the businesses who contributed to the Yes on 8
    campaign, and started protesting the temples of the Mormon Church, which
    contributed most of the money for the initiative.
  • But in a backlash against these protests, Proposition 8
    supporters are now accusing GLBT activists of harassment and religious

how many backlashes is that now? I’ve got whiplash just writing about it.

I’m certain it’s not pleasant to be the subject of these protests. But you know
what? It’s not particularly pleasant to have the morality and legality of your
existence and/or relationship debated and protested either.

that’s the price you pay to live in a democracy.

Photo credit: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

these protests are peaceful (and don’t involve actual harassment, which we all hopefully
abhor), this is exactly what democracy and freedom of speech are all about:
someone takes a political stand, someone else responds.

not fair to bring the debate to their places of worship? Um, they brought their
religions into the debate! You can’t offer the Bible up as an argument in a
civil dispute and then, because someone responds to that argument, cry,
“Religious discrimination!” I respect people’s rights to hold whatever religious
beliefs they want — but they don’t have the right to impose those beliefs,
unchallenged, onto me!

they say we’re the ones who hate
democracy (because we don’t believe that constitutional rights should be
subject to popular votes)? I’m not sure some of these folks even know what
democracy is.

to know what else I think about Proposition 8?


actor and fave Cheyenne Jackson guested on last week’s episode
of Lipstick Jungle (as Victory’s
massage therapist/near weekend fling). Somehow we missed this, and no one emailed
us or posted anything about it. Michael and I just happened to catch it when we
were de-Tivo-ing our shows.

literally no one watching this show,
especially now that it’s supposedly been canceled?

This begs the question: If
Cheyenne Jackson appears on a sudsy Brooke Shields vehicle and no one
watches it, did he really appear?

answer is yes, but just barely. You can check it out here:


the technicians tell me they’ve fixed the earlier problem.

back! Paul Rudd, ABSOLUTELY NAKED, on the very next page!

Paul Rudd naked, take two

okay. I think we’ve zoomed in a little close. Can we back it up? Okay, I’m told
that we can, and we’re working on it right now.

you have to admit that Paul has very large and low-hanging nuclei.


So not
to get all Noam Chomsky on your ass, but I’ve been thinking about the media a
lot lately. First, there was John Cloud’s creepy pre-election “gay mafia”
in Time
, then their
post-election “gay enemies list” article.

it’s not gay-related, but now Newsweek
thinks it’s appropriate to take seriously the people who think that Obama might
be the anti-Christ.

the creators of the traditional media — print magazines and newspapers and the
like — think those of us who (used to) read them are stupid? Are they stupid?

circulations and ad dollars of the old media are waaaaay down. So what’s their
solution? To try to attract more readers from the ranks of the morons and
anti-gay bigots?

good idea! Problem is, um, people who believe Obama is the anti-Christ and
think there’s a “gay mafia” aren’t ever
going to read Time or Newsweek. And those of us who do (or
did) read them? We’re really, really, really
turned off when this kind of stuff appears.

percent of Americans believes the sun revolves around the Earth. Hey, maybe Newsweek and Time should try taking their beliefs seriously too!

used to love the news magazines and daily newspapers (and I still love The New York Times). But I can’t abide
the pandering that the traditional media seem to do these days, and the
contempt they seem to display for the internet, which often offers a far
superior product (admittedly, I’m a little biased).

it’s not just the traditional straight media.

came out last week in the wake of the protests over Proposition 8, which
is just great. But just last month, The
interviewed Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sykes’ co-star on The New Adventures of Old Christine. At
one point, they asked Dreyfus, “Who’d
make a better lesbian — you or Wanda?” And
Dreyfus responded, “It would have to be a tie. I think we would both
make wonderful lesbians.”

Wanda Sykes (left) and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss

clearly, the writer, Brandon Voss, knew Wanda is a lesbian, and obviously Julia
knew. And it’s fine that The Advocate
didn’t want to out her; doesn’t do that either.
So why was this stupid, coded question and answer included in the interview?
Was the writer trying to impress all those people “in the know” with his

Either tell us that Wanda Sykes is a lesbian, or don’t. But don’t do the
too-clever-by-half, coded, insider-y thing just to impress your friends.

the bigger picture, is it really asking too much that the traditional media stop
treating us like complete morons?

here’s a classic example of the difference between “new media” and “old media”:
The old media decide for themselves which movies, books, and TV shows are the
“best” of the year.

at We let you, our readers, decide. And not just from a list of
five pre-approved “nominations” as on other, far lamer websites. No, we also
solicit your opinions on the nominations themselves!

because we don’t think our readers
are complete morons.

what do all you non-morons think was the best gay entertainment of the year? Vote


now we’ve really got it! PAUL RUDD, ABSOLUTELY

Well, if you squint, you can see him there by the Eiffel Tower.
Hey, not bad, Paul!


and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in all the World
: A Wizard of Oz parody? Okay, I almost
didn’t watch — but I’m really glad I did. When this show is on, it’s fricking
hilarious. “Is she okay?” “No, Ding Dong, the witch is dead.” I’m not crazy
about the Dana/Steve nastiness, but that’s a really funny line (and they did
finally have a sort-of bonding moment!).

Supernatural: I’m tired of Michael telling me this isn’t a show of “gay male
interest.” The two hottest guys ever to appear in a single show together, with
a running they-always-get-mistaken-for-a-gay-couple joke? It’s GAY, GAY, GAY! (In
my fantasies at least.) It’s also a pretty damn good show even without the

& Sisters
: I know, I know, everyone else loooooved this
episode (90% of readers who read this week’s recap gave this episode an A- or better) and yes, it did have two gay
storylines (and all that gay kissing), which is really extraordinary. But why
does Kevin always have to be such a jerk? I’m not sure I get the appeal of any
of the Walkers except maybe Nora (I even kind of like it when she goes all Norma Rae during the family dinners).
But Kevin is the worst of them all.

: I laughed, I cried! Okay, I haven’t actually watched it yet,
but Michael did, and he tells me it was great, with a really touching sub-plot
about Justin being bullied for being gay-ish, and a great scene where Hilda
tells him to always be proud of who he is. I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m
crying already!

Saturday Night Live: Weirdly, it was almost
all-gay, all-the-time last Saturday night. I’m not finding SNL’s gay humor to be wildly offensive — just about five years behind-the-times (as
usual). Effeminate cartoon characters who turn out to be gay? As SNL itself would say, “Really?” So why the sideway’s arrow?
Well, come on, it is Paul Rudd!

As the World Turns: Wait. Luke got expelled?
When did this happen? Okay, I admit I haven’t been watching regularly. I can’t
help but think that the whole gay alcoholic sub-plot was more interesting when
they did it with Willow and Tara on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, because then it
wasn’t about an addiction to alcohol, but rather about Willow’s addiction to magic. Honestly, is
there any chance this is going to end with Luke and Noah in a park with Noah
singing “Under My Spell” to Luke? I didn’t think so.


By now, hopefully
everyone has heard of a charming little independent movie called Were the World Mine, perhaps the world’s
first gay teen musical, about an all-male high school that puts on a production
of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Timothy, a teenager smitten with his straight hot jock co-star, discovers the
magical recipe to Dream’s famous love
potion hidden within the text of the play itself. He brews some up, and soon
the whole bigoted town is learning what it’s like to fall in love with a person
of the same sex.

Tanner Cohen in Were the World Mine

I recently reviewed the
movie (which I
liked, but didn’t quite love).

One thing everyone seems
to agree upon is that the film’s lead, Tanner Cohen, is something special.
Tanner finds the perfect combination of resentment, bewilderment, and defiance
in his “everyboy” gay teen. The actor is also a member of the punk-rock band
The Guts.

Better still, Tanner, 21,
is out.

Tanner Cohen

I recently got a chance
to speak with this talented newcomer from Los
Angeles, where he is just finishing up a college

Next page! Catching up with Tanner Cohen. Tell me how you came to be involved in the
Tanner Cohen:
It was
quite a traditional audition process. I just was sent in by my agent and we
went in for several meetings with the director and the producers and that and I
had kind of a workshop with Nathan, the other actor who played Jonathon in the
movie. We worked together for an afternoon and then they cast us both.

AE: At what point did you know that this movie was
becoming a phenomenon, that it was catching on with film festival audiences?

TC: It definitely seemed
to grow, but I went to this tiny film festival in Texas and there was a party for the movie
and there were people were dressed up as [my character] Timothy, so that was
kind of the moment when I realized that this thing was getting kind of big.

AE: How do you see yourself &#8212 as an actor or as a singer
or both?

TC: I kinda see myself as
both. I’m not entirely sure how I see myself yet, or if I ever will know, but I
definitely plan on continuing to act and do music, but I don’t have to
prioritize one over the other, and I don’t think I identify with one specific
type of artist.

AE: When you were hired for the role, what kind of
contributions did you make? Was all the music already composed for the role?
Yeah, the bulk of the
orchestrations were done, but we recorded the basic tracks, and there was also
room for some flexibility with the music, so I think all of us took a few
liberties, like tweaking the music and the melodies, but yeah, for the most
part it was all written and done before.

AE: It’s a pretty different style from your work in the
Guts, isn’t it?

TC: Yeah, it is. With the
Guts, it’s much more stripped, and the music has an edgier quality than the
more traditional songwriting that Jessica Fogle wrote for the movie.

AE: Are you finding that people who come to your gigs as
The Guts want to hear songs from the movie?
I haven’t played with
The Guts for quite a long time because I’ve been in L.A. at school, but it’s like a New
York-based band, so we haven’t played a show in like a year.

AE: I suspect you’re going to have a whole new fan base.
You’ve chosen to be an out actor, which I think is great. Is this something you
consciously decided?
Of course. It’s
really important to me to be comfortable in my emotional state before I’m starting
to make excuses for myself as an actor. I do have some serious moments of
second guessing this just because I’m young, and I feel naïve, kind of, about
my decision to be open about it, but I think the God’s honest truth is that if
I had to be doing press for anything, marketing myself not only as the
character but also as an entity that promotes those things, if I had to be
false or some way incomplete, I think it would just drive me crazy. It’s
important to me that there starts to be a new presence of queer people in pop
culture, because they’re there, but nobody wants to talk about it.

AE: Were you out in your career prior to this movie, of
did it have something to do with this particular movie?
[Even before the
movie.] It was important to me to just change, I don’t know, the presence and
the time allotted for queer people, out queer people in the public realm. It’s
kind of like coincidental, but the film is seen as gay cinema; it fits into
that genre, but it didn’t have anything to do with that.

AE: Are you single? Are you in a relationship?
TC: I’m gonna keep that

AE: What is the experience like so far for you, now that
the film is out of the film festival circuit and into movie theaters?
It’s been a
whirlwind. I, to be totally honest, didn’t expect any of this. I’m not sure if
any of us really had huge expectations because it was such a small, ambitious
little thing. Not to demean it, but we didn’t know what was going to happen,
and of course we hoped for the best, and it’s kind of come true. It’s
definitely been an experience of new and unexpected things. I’m still adjusting
to the fact that this movie has really taken off, and that I’m associated with
it, and people are going to know my name now. It’s an amazing experience.

AE: What is next for you, either as a singer or an actor?
Right now I’m just
finishing school. I’m in Los Angeles
for school. I was in school before I did the film and now I’m finishing, so
I’ll be done in June and then hopefully I’ll pick up where I left off and get
some work somewhere.

Next page! Barrowman sings and Siriano smooches!

While there is still no word on when Patti LuPone will return
to Ugly Betty as Marc’s (Michael Urie) beyotch of a homophobic mother, it’s nice to see that the two stars recently hung out together when Michael hosted the launch party for LuPone’s new album "Live at Les Mouches" at Splash in New York.

And then Bernadette Peters "accidentally" fell down the stairs and I got the part!

Photo Credit: FilmMagic/Bruce Glikas

I’m not sure what the equivalent of Kmart in the United Kingdom is, but I’m starting to think Torchwood’s John Barrowman must show up at the opening of every single one. But here he is performing at the Birmingham Christmas Lights 2008. He then went on to sing to Christmas trees in Ipswich, Chichester, and at some poor lady’s
house on the Isle of Wight who not only wasn’t expecting him, but had never heard of him.

My next role will be as the Fonz in the muscial film version of Happy Days

Photo Credit: Wire Image/Jules Annan

Is it just me or does Milk seem to keep premiering or getting a special screening every week? I worry that by the time it opens, we’ll all have seen it! Anywho, here are Carson Kressley and Rufus Wainwright at one of the premieres.

Carson : My scarf is so much cooler than yours, Rufus!
Rufus: Who the hell are you and why are you talking to me?

Photo Credit: Wire Image/Jim Spellman/Dimitrios Kambouris

Project Runway Christian Siriano celebrated his birthday with boyfriend Brad Walsh. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I’m guessing the red carpet kind of gave it away. Meanwhile, Cheyenne Jackson turned up at the party for Out 100 rocking his five o’clock shadow. 

Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh, Cheyenne Jackson

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz/Will Ragozzino

I don’t know for what reason this picture of gay Israeli couple Omer Gher and Yonatan posing with their newborn son Evyatar was taken, but I think they’re adorable and thought I would share!

Omer Gher, Yonatan and Evyatar

Photo Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Finally, editor Michael Jensen and his friend Lisa
particpated in Saturday’s No on Prop 8 march in Seattle and reports that there was at least double the reported 3,000 people participating.

Said Michael, "We were waiting for the protesters to arrive at Westlake Center and at first I was a little disappointed as the square didn’t seem very full. Then I peeked around the corner and saw this river of
people stretching all the way up Pine Street and to Capitol Hill [the gay part of town] marching toward us. It was amazing!"

Here are some of Michael’s pics. Please note, Annie Leibovitz he is not!

Marchers coming down Pine Street, Lisa and Michael

Next page! A tribute to Bacharach, and Paul Rudd de-pixelated at last!

Not much at the box office this weekend. You could check out Robert Pattinson in Twilight to whet your appetite for his upcoming role in Little Ashes. But frankly, if I were you, I’d just stick with the season finale of True Blood on HBO.

Out on DVD, we’ve got Will Smith’s Hancock, which didn’t exactly win any gay fans thanks to some anti-gay humor. Why not stick with Ian McKellen as a talking polar bear in The Golden Compass?

Thanks to Thanksgiving this week, our television line-up looks a bit like a picked over turkey carcass. Friday has a new episode of Lipstick Jungle but it doesn’t look as if "barely there" Roy drops by. The Starter Wife is on Friday as well.

Saturday’s The Graham Norton Show has Robin Williams jetting in (Michael had it wrong last week when he had Williams appearing; it was actually Karen Allen.). Perhaps the pro-gay Williams will have something to say about Prop 8. Saturday also delivers a new Color Splash with David Bromstad.

True Blood wraps up its first season on Sunday night. No doubt it will be in a spectacularly bloody fashion and Ryan Kwanten will either be naked, shirtless or just in his underwear.

Ryan Kwanten ready for his Thanksgiving dressing!

The rest of our regular stand-bys &#8212 Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters&#8212 take a one week break along with other stalwarts including Ugly Betty, The Sarah Silverman Program, and Eli Stone.

Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars will eliminate one couple. It seems pretty likely that Lance Bass will make it to the finale on Tuesday night. Also on Monday is a new episode of Neil Patrick HarrisHow I Met Your Mother. The episode is titled "The Naked Man". Did I suddenly hear a thousand DVR’s start whirring?

Along with Tuesday’s DWTS finale, there is a new episode of Logo’s (’s parent company) very funny Rick and Steve. Here is a preview.

Bravo gets you in the mood for eating on Thursday by dishing up a new Top Chef with guest judges The Foo Fighters because … I have no idea why. Hopefully, all will be explained by Padma and out cheftestant Richard. Also up is a new The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Foo Fighter Dave Grohl judging gruel, Richard cooking gruel.

Thursday I don’t have much gay for you unless you think the Macy’s Day Parade is pretty gay. Or there are always those football players slapping each other on the butt, hugging and all those other manly things.


Bacharach to the
, an upcoming fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, sponsored
by POZ magazine, honors legendary
composer Burt Bacharach. Guests include Kerry Butler (Hairspray, Xanadu), Ted Detwiler (Sordid Lives), Billy Porter (Angels
in America,
Jesus Christ Superstar
), Julie Reiber (Wicked,
), and Tony Roberts (Promises,
Promises, Xanadu, Victor/Victoria
). It’s at New World Stages, 340 W. 50th St, New York on December 1.

Burt Bacharach

Photo credit: Getty Images

And don’t miss The McGarrigle Christmas Hour featuring Rufus and Martha Wainwright at New York’s Carnegie Hall on December 10, 2008. Appearances include
Jimmy Fallon, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, and Emmylou Harris. Purchase tickets here


We feel bad we didn’t get to report the news that Charlie Herschelwas voted off Survivor: Gabon right on the heels of Marcus. To make up for that we now present you with Charlie and Marcus in Exile: A Bromance Continued. The two castoffs are both on the jury and hanging out together in a place called Ponderosa.

Don’t you just crack up as the two of them puzzle over what to wear to tribal council?

In last week’s BGWE, Michael asked this trivia question: Which actor currently featured on a "bubble" show (one in danger of
being canceled) also appeared in one of this site’s favorite gay-themed
episodes of all time?

The answer is Brian Hallisay who currently stars on the CW’s Privileged, but who also played Jimmy Bruno on Cold Cases’ fantastic episode "Forever Blue".

Congrats to AfterEltoner John G for being the first to get the answer!

What was this week’s most popular feature on The most popular article was Ask the Flying Monkey. And the most popular blog post was the news that The Simpsons outed another character.

that? We’ve finally managed to really de-pixelate the Paul Rudd photo? Well, let me see it!


That can’t be right. What’d you do, swap it out with a photo of an elephant? Well, does it look like that because he’s short?

Well, okay! Let’s post this puppy!

that? We’re out of time? The column’s over?

Sorry, folks, maybe next week! Oh, wait! Due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., the BGWE is actually flying to Provincetown to spend the holidays with friends and won’t be here next week. Shoot!

In the meantime, have the BEST.GAY.WEEK.EVER!