15 Clever Thanksgiving Host Gifts

You may have weaseled your way out of preparing any actual food items this year by inviting yourself to a friend’s place for the Thanksgiving feast, but please remember that doesn’t give you the green light to show up empty handed. You’ll be on the A list for this season’s holiday affairs if you show up to the party with any of these fine gifts.

An Absolutely Fabulous champagne feast. Photo courtesy BBC.

Bring two bottles: Something to enjoy at the meal, and a little something your host can enjoy when the party ends. Tie a handwritten note around the neck with a simple note of thanks, and don’t forget to sign your name. Champagne pairs well with just about every rich thing on a holiday menu. The second bottle should be something fun and personal. Consider a regional spirit, wine, or cider from your host’s hometown.

Champagnes: Nicolas Feuillatte Brut NV, $24.97 at pjwine.com; Bollinger Special Cuvee NV, $52.97 at pjwine.com; Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV, $67.99 at 3cups.net.

Regional spirit, wine, or cider suggestions: King’s County Distillery Moonshine Corn Whiskey, $22.99 at Union Square Wines & Spirits; 2011 Trump Rosé, $14 at trumpwinery.com;  Farnum Hill Kingston Black Cider, $20 at UVA wines and spirits.

A little indulgence is good for the soul, and Ryan Gosling’s fit figure, or so it seems. A bite of something sweet at the end of the meal orders the world as it should be. Avoid any brands that could be purchased in suburbia. Drop the Godiva, and opt for handmade delicacies from your own neck of the woods.

Crazy, Stupid, Lover of candy. Photo courtesy CNN.com.

Chocolates: Pecan Pie chocolate bar, $9 at liddabitsweets.com; Truffles, tea & herb collection, at frenchbroadchocolates.com; Peanut butter & chipotle bar, $5 at sweeteethchocolate.com.

Candy: Pâte de Fruit, $18 at williamdeanchocolates.com; Caramels in sea salt, lemon, and vanilla, from $7 at littleflowercandyco.com; Beer and Pretzel brittle, from $6.75 at truffletruffle.com.

You could bring a bunch of flowers, only to have your host stop the party to find a vase, cut the stems, yaddah yaddah. Make his/her life so much easier with these sunny floral contributions to the Thanksgiving party.

Says Channing Tatum: I’m having trouble with my boutonniere. Photo courtesy Iron Horse Entertainment Group.

Corsage/boutonniere: Old-fashioned or timeless? Whether you are visiting your hipster friends in Brooklyn or just hanging with granny and the aunties, a corsage or boutonniere will be a lovely, unexpected gift of thanks. Keep it simple with a gardenia or forget me nots, and rely on your favorite local florist for this one.

Wreath: Elegant as a greeting on the door of your home or bedroom. Pomegranate & Bay wreath, $45 at terrain.com; Santa Cruz Oregano wreath, $29.95 at surlatable.com.

Amanda Miller wrote 7 Kitchen Accessories That Will Impress Your Friends. She has written about food and travel for Jauntsetter, Chapelboro.com and more. Follow her @victuspopuli.com.