The Time Has Come, To Pick The Best Lip-Sync For Your Life!

Does DiDa hold claim to best lip-sync? You tell us.

Throughout the seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race there have been many stressful, emotional, and beautiful lip-syncs that Ru’s girls performed. We here at NewNowNext sat around discussing our favorites and couldn’t seem to figure out which the very best of the best were. So, we figured who better to help us our fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race fans?

Head over to NewNowNext Facebook and see images of all the most epic lip-syncs and vote for the one you think is best. You can also watch the entire episode of each one to see how the girls got to the point of having to give Ru their best lip-syncs set to amazing songs from the biggest divas. Voting starts today and will go through the end of the year… if we last that long. On January 3rd, come back to NewNowNext to watch the top 5 best lip-syncs, ever.

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