The 5 Best Episodes of ‘Community’

The Cast of Community in the Pulp Fiction/My Dinner with Andre Episode (NBC)

NBC does not handle sitcoms well. They cancelled BFF (moment of silence), are keeping Whitney on the air and have toyed with the loyal viewers of Community several times this season. Community was bounced on and off the schedule this season and rumors of cancellation scared fans enough to take action. Fans have rallied around the show on twitter, and in literally in front of Rockefeller Plaza chanting that they not only want the show to continue, but also demand #sixseasonsandamovie. NBC heard their pleas and renewed the show for a third season, but are burning the last three episodes of the second season tonight.
To prepare for this block of Community tonight we’d rundown the six best episodes Community.

1.  Introduction to Statistics – Who doesn’t love a great Halloween episode… on E? When Chevy Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, trips on ecstasy he almost ruins Annie’s Halloween party. Other notable storylines from this episode: Abed, played by Danny Pudi, thinking he really is Batman, and no one realizing that Troy, Donald Glover, is dressed as Eddie Murphy from his famous Raw special.

2. Comparative Religion – Another great holiday staple for sitcoms is the Christmas special. While they spared no expense on Abed’s stop-motion animated fantasy in season 2, season 1’s war of religions culminates in an all out brawl in the school’s holiday display shows that maybe we can’t just all get along.

3. Critical Film Studies –  What other show is daring enough to mix Pulp Fiction and My Dinner with Andre? The costumes alone in this episode induce chuckles.

4.  Cooperative Calligraphy – If you aren’t a rabid consumer of sitcoms and/or knowledgeable of their trite devices this is the episode that will teach you all about the fantastic and inexpensive device known as a bottle episode. It is also the introduction to Annie’s Boobs, the lovable kleptomaniac monkey.

5.  Advanced Gay – Pierce, keeping with his crazy old man persona, is outed as a homophobe in this LGBT centric episode. When his hand wipe company becomes the centerpiece of a viral YouTube video, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Shangela, Pierce is agitated.  He eventually learns to accept gays via a school mixer, called The Gay Bash.