Queer Sh*t to Watch This Week

"Fak Yaass," "Butt Boy," and the feminist drama of "Mrs. America."

NewNowNext spotlights the latest (and queerest) movies, TV shows, webseries, and other LGBTQ shit for your viewing pleasure in our weekly watch list. Grab your popcorn, squirrel friends!


Butt Boy

Bringing new meaning to the term power bottom, writer-director Tyler Cornack’s bizarre David Lynch-meets-Troma-schlock thriller is about a milquetoast IT engineer (Cornack) who discovers the pleasure of anal stimulation after a prostate exam and starts filling his orifice with larger and larger objects, including live children. Is it good-bad or bad-bad? You be the judge. (Available now on VOD, Epic Pictures)

The Quarry

South African author Damon Galgut’s 1995 novel, about an escaped convict who kills and takes the identity of a queer minister in a small town, gets its second screen adaptation. Transposed to Texas, director Scott Teems’ version stars Shea Whigham as the murderous charlatan and Michael Shannon (who had a sex scene with James Franco in 2011’s The Broken Tower) as the town’s increasingly suspicious police chief. (Available April 17 on VOD, Lionsgate)


Kristen Stewart is here to distract us from the COVID-19 pandemic with a tasty sci-fi horror flick about an aquatic research crew (including Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, T.J. Miller, and John Gallagher Jr.) who come face-to-face with creepy monsters in the wake of a deep-sea earthquake. At least they don’t have to contend with daily Trump briefings. (Available now on VOD, 20th Century Fox)

TV and Streaming

Fak Yaass

Queer Greek-Canadian actor Vasilios Filippakis’ semi-autobiographical comedic webseries, first seen by Canadians on OutTV last year, just dropped on YouTube. Its 10 episodes follow a very out circuit boy, Nico (Filippakis), who is forced to leave the boys, sex, and city aside to care for his ill, homophobic grandfather (George Papadimitriou) in his small Ontario town. (Streaming now on YouTube)

Mrs. America

One of our must-watch shows of the spring, Mrs. America dramatizes the battle for the Equal Rights Amendment. The nine-episode series’ dream-team cast includes Cate Blanchett as right-wing activist Phyllis Schlafly; Ben Rosenfield as her gay son, John; Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem; Bria Henderson as black lesbian activist Margaret Sloan; Tracey Ullman as author Betty Friedan; and Sarah Paulson as Schlafly’s bestie, Alice. And did we mention those ’70s lewks? (Wednesdays on FX on Hulu)

Queer Harlem Renaissance: Prospectus

Part of a Shoga Films multimedia series dedicated to the Harlem Renaissance movement of the early 20th Century—which saw the emergence of some of our most vital black LGBTQ+ voices in art and culture—this captivating 15-minute short, narrated by Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs, features archival footage and interviews with Richard Bruce Nugent, Langston Hughes, and James Baldwin, plus tea on Ma Rainey’s audacious 1928 ode to dykes, “Prove It on Me Blues.” History is served, henny! (Streaming now on YouTube)

When the Beat Drops

Vogueing gets all the glory—we’re looking at you, Pose—but the hyper-athletic Southern dance style known as “bucking” has been giving queer people of color life in recent years (see Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video, which is mother-bucking awesome). In his debut documentary, Step Up and RuPaul’s Drag Race choreographer Jamal Sims focuses on its origins and trails an Atlanta bucking crew. Tens across the board! (Streaming now on WOW Presents Plus)

Wrong Distance Relationship

The second season of MTV’s Snapchat doc series, which follows four couples as they navigate the challenge of making it work long-distance, features its first gay pair: Bronx, N.Y.–based Jonathan Calixto, a fashion and lifestyle correspondent for BELLA Magazine, and Virginian Brandon Reyes, a forensic scientist. Talk about timing! (Streaming now on Snapchat)

Main image: Vasilios Filippakis.

Lawrence is a New York-based travel and entertainment writer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Time Out New York and The New York Post.