Queer Sh*t to Watch This Week

A Fire Island mystery, a lesbian-chasing demon, and the big gay woes of "Elite."

NewNowNext spotlights the latest (and queerest) movies, TV shows, webseries, and other LGBTQ shit for your viewing pleasure in our weekly watch list. Grab your popcorn, squirrel friends!

In Theaters

Tokyo Godfathers

One of our favorite holiday movies, this 2003 Japanese anime follows a homeless chosen family—teenage runaway Miyuki, bitter alcoholic Gin, and transgender wannabe mother Hana—as they discover an abandoned baby on Christmas eve. GKIDS’ theatrical rerelease includes not only a restoration and 4K upgrade, but also a brand-new English translation and soundtrack featuring trans actor Shakina Nayfack (Transparent, Difficult People) as the voice of Hana. (Opens March 13, GKIDS)



Horror movie stans will quickly notice the 1970s Italian giallo influence (think Dario Argento and Suspiria) in German director Tilman Singer’s synth-soaked, atmospheric feature debut about a lesbian taxi driver, Luz (Luana Velis), who accidentally summons a demon that is hell-bent on possessing her. And you thought coronavirus was bad. (Available now on Bluray, Altered Innocence)


The ground literally shifts under the feet of Evangelical Christian family man Pablo (Juan Pablo Olyslager) when his family discovers he’s having an affair with another man, Francisco (Mauricio Armas Zebadúa), during an earthquake. Set in Guatemala, where Evangelicals have backed virulently homophobic legislation over the past few years, director Jayro Bustamante’s second feature sees the outed 40-year-old Pablo in a horrible predicament: On one hand he’s free to love his openly gay boyfriend and join the community, but he’s also forced to undergo conversion therapy if he wants to see his children again. That’s right, sadly the U.S. isn’t alone in its battle against the nasty practice. (Available now on DVD, Film Movement)

Top 3

Artfully and adorably animated, Swedish director and illustrator Sofie Edvardsson’s bittersweet gay rom-com chronicles the relationship between two men who love each other deeply but struggle with opposing life goals. Running at just 45 minutes, Top 3 is accompanied here by Michael Varrati’s live-action horror-comedy short, A Halloween Trick, about a promiscuous party boy (Ben Baur) whose noisy revolving door of sexcapades drives his female neighbor (Tiffany Shepis) crazy. (Available now on DVD, TLA)

TV and Streaming

Last Ferry

The gaycation mecca of Fire Island is the setting for director Jaki Bradley’s queer thriller about Manhattan lawyer Joseph (Ramon O. Torres, also the screenwriter), who makes a solo visit in off-season April, gets drugged and robbed by a hot rando, witnesses a murder, and then finds safety—or does he?—with a local named Cameron (Sheldon Best). Let this be a lesson, henny: Stick to summers in the Pines, mmkay? (Streaming March 11 on Netflix)

Stranger Hearts

Three seemingly disparate yet ultimately interconnected characters—shy and closeted African American Andre (Qua Robertson Harper); photographer Luka (nonbinary transfemme actor Amo), who turns to escorting when finances close in; and Billy (Matt Moran), a leather-club-cruising media mogul with a dangerous heart condition—anchor Kevin James Thornton’s probing, tender five-episode Dekkoo series. (Streaming March 12 on Dekkoo)


Less than six months after Elite’s second season dropped, the students of Spain’s tony Las Encinas private school are back for a new murder mystery involving the death of troubled bisexual student Polo (Álvaro Rico), who previously killed his schoolmate Marina (María Pedraza). Expect more soapy teen dramz and relationship trouble for gay couple Ander (Arón Piper) and Omar (Omar Ayuso). Más, por favor. (Streaming March 13 on Netflix)

Road of Bygones

Venezuela-born filmmaker Astrid Ovalles brings us a kinky, dark lesbian comedy that explores BDSM, dom-sub dynamics, and family in its tale of three women—Bobbi (Ovalles), her sister Sam (Oriana Oppice), and Bobbi’s lover Ally (Sarah Jo Ovalles)—who are on a road trip to gather their recently deceased mother’s ashes. Watch it with someone you own! (Streaming March 15 on Amazon).

Main image: Jorge López as Valerio in Elite.

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