Bette Midler Confirms There Will Never Ever Be A “Hocus Pocus 2”

The Sanderson sisters are unfortunately gone for good.

Bette Midler hosted an impromptu Q&A session on her Facebook page Tuesday, and delivered the most heartbreaking news that may shatter your faith in humanity and hope for a better tomorrow. You should have a seat.

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According to Bette Midler, there will be no Hocus Pocus 2. Despite constant rumors to the contrary and Bette’s own admission that Hocus Pocus “has turned into one of the most beloved things I’ve ever done,” Disney will probably never add a sequel to the franchise. (And despite the pain, there are many that see this as a good thing, since sequels generally suck.)

Bette delivered the news in a frank and honest way. To a fan who asked simply “Is there gonna be a Hocus Pocus 2?!” she replied: “After all these years and all the fan demand, I do believe I can stand and firmly say an unequivocal no.”


The Q&A brought forth another shocking revelation. Asked about her recent social media spat with Justin Bieber, Bette said she thinks he’s “terrific” and did not shoot down the idea of dueting with him.

Also learned: Bette’s favorite TV show is Ab Fab, she’ll never reveal which celebrity irritates her the most, and the last thing that made her laugh was James Wright’s ode to Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.

You can check out the rest of her conversation with fans over on Facebook.

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