Bette Midler On “Hocus Pocus” Sequel Delays: “Disney Can’t Find A Virgin”

Whatchu waiting for, Mouse House?

If you’re like most red-blooded human beings, you’ve been twirling the twigs on your broomstick patiently waiting – for 22 years now – in anticipation of a Hocus Pocus sequel.

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Unfortunately, the film’s star Bette Midler took to her beloved Twitter to offer a hardy-har-har explanation for the decades-long delay.

Funny, but like, not, considering how long we’ve been pining for a resurgence of the iconic Sanderson sisters.

Though SJP kept mum (too busy planning another Sex and the City movie, we hope), Najimy added her two cents.

“Inundate the Disney company,” Midler wrote during a Reddit AMA last year, “because I have canvassed the girls and they are willing to do it, but we have no say in it, so if you want a Hocus Pocus 2, ask the Walt Disney company.”

What are you waiting for Disney?