Betty White and Gay Kenny help deliver a hilarious “My Name is Earl”

Thursday night’s episode of My Name is Earl not only included an always welcome appearance by Gay Kenny (Greg Binkley) and his boyfriend Stuart Daniels (Mike O’Malley), but also featured Golden Girls alum Betty White as the guest star.

White continues to find roles that suit her to a T — here as a Crazy Witch Lady who is so freakin’ brilliant I can’t say enough good stuff about her. And I know it makes me a horrible person, but there is something endlessly amusing about watching someone as sweet as White get tasered and fall to the ground twitching. 

But I most appreciate that Earl once again showed how effortlessly and humorously it is able to weave Kenny and/or gay themes into its episodes. By treating Kenny just like the other characters, it finds laughs in his being gay without being cliche or offensive.

Gay Kenny and boyfriend Stuart

Here is the whole episode!