Betty White Sticks Up For The Gays And Bea Arthur: WATCH


Nonagenarian national treasure Betty White sat down with young whippersnapper Larry King and stood up for the gays. Asked by a fan about her thoughts on anti-gay people, Betty spoke the gospel truth.

“I don’t care who you sleep with,” she says. “It’s what kind of human being are you…I don’t understand, it’s such a personal, private business and none of mine.”

Logically following the gay question, Betty is asked to reveal a secret from the set of The Golden Girls and she shares a nice tidbit about her co-star: the late, great Beatrice Arthur.

“No one knew what a sense of humor — real sense of humor — Bea Arthur had. They always think of her as very fierce and austere and she did give that image. She could be tough, she could be really tough, but she had a funny sense of humor and she could tell a joke like nobody else.”


Check out Betty’s interview below:

[gdm_video source=”youtube” video_id=”3-dUITmswr8″ url=”″]

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