Beyonce Super Bowl Performance Greatest Thing Ever, Madonna Loses Crown

Look, we all knew Beyonce was gonna kill it at the Super Bowl, as she is incapable of doing anything less than amazing, but DAMNNNNNNNN.

From the clothes (props Rubin Singer) to the choreography to the moment when Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland popped up on stage for the Destiny’s Child reunion we have prayed for every night since 2006 (at which point we were forced to explain to the straight men in the room why we were crying), this was quite possibly the greatest live music performance we have ever seen.

Also, that hair. That amazing, amazing hair. And legs. And how does she dance so good in those heels? And can she teach us to walk?

Sorry Madonna, but the crown has officially been snatched. And you ain’t ever getting it back.

Watch it all, over and over and over again, above.

This lady really is the hardest working person in the business.

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