“Big Brother” Gets Its First Gay Proposal

Gay journalist Andy West makes TV history again!

Andy West, the gay journalist who was suspended from the BBC after condemning the network’s decision to honor homophobic boxer Tyson Fury, is engaged to his fiancé following Big Brother UK’s first-ever gay proposal.

Andy’s boyfriend, Ed, popped the question during his surprise appearance in the house Sunday.

Andy has come under attack by fellow housemates recently, so he was overcome with emotion as Ed entered the garden for a romantic dinner — the first time they’d seen each other in 27 days.

andy west big brother proposal
Channel 5

“Would you marry me?” Andy preemptively asked Ed, to which Ed replied: “Yes baby… I can do one better.”

Ed got on one knee and repeated, “Will you marry me?”

Andy dropped to his knees and burst into tears as Ed assured him, “[Until we’re] grey and old, baby.”

Said Andy: “I’m so lucky. I knew it before, but since being in here, I can’t live without you.”

Andy’s team confirmed the news, tweeting an image of the happy couple together:

Check out the emotional moment below, including reactions from Andy’s fellow housemates:

h/t GayStarNews

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